F you fail to provide proof of insurance, your driver license and license plates will be suspended for up to__? related questions

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F you fail to provide proof of insurance, your driver license and license plates will be suspended for up to__?1Roaming.2012-07-21 05:49:02
I you do not provide proof of insurance, driver's license and plates will be suspended for up to__ ?
Expired license plates/driving on a suspended license?0yak2012-02-13 23:20:20
Expired plates / driving with a suspended license ?
Car was repossed and plates went missing, now DMV suspended my license because plates were not returned.?0shamorty 2012-05-10 09:45:24
My girlfriend and I had a car together, the registration was under my name. In 2010 we separated and she had the car and the plates REPOSSED disappeared. When I went to DMV to renew my license was suspended because the plates were not returned. I went to the police station for a report of the board of lack of DMV, but I said it's too old (2010) it happened. Now what should I do ?
My Texas Driver License was suspended, I was able to get my Wyoming to Colorado Driver License..?3Person2018-07-24 20:30:41
So my license was suspended in the great state of Texas, I moved away and while in Wyoming was able to transfer my DL and then was able to transfer again to Colorado.. Back in Texas now and want to know if I will be able to transfer back?
Will my license be suspended cause i dont have proof of insurance?2ree2018-07-24 20:30:16
I live in Idaho and I got pulled over the other day and got cited for not having proof of insurance. i dont have insurance for my truck, and my court date is tomorrow, so i cant prove i have it, i do realize i'm probly going to have to pay fines nonetheless, but i want to know if my license is going to be suspended as well. if anyone knows please let me know, thanks
Got pulled over for driving with suspended license and no proof of insurance?1jopse2019-01-02 18:47:38
I had an unpaid speeding ticket which resulted in a suspended license. I got pulled over and didnt have my insurance card on me either. My insurace had a lapse of coverage anyways. So I have court today and Im curious if they will be able to tell if I had a lapse of coverage because I still have my insurance card for the date I got pulled over and it covers the date I got pulled over but there was a lapse in coverage. So I guess what Im asking is if the judge can and will call the policy to see if it happened to be lapsed at the time or if he will be content with the insurance card.
My driver's license was suspended for driving without insurance/license and not showing up for court dates.?4Deric2018-07-24 20:30:53
My driver's license was suspended for driving without insurance / license and failing to appear at court dates . I had my license and insurance at the time , but I had my wallet with me. I wonder how much will it cost to reinstate my license , and if I have to take the driving test again or not . If I have the documentation that had a license and insurance at the time that can help me ? I'm in Alabama if that helps. The answers are greatly appreciated.
Drivers license suspended because my insurance company never sent in proof of coverage?1Sahana2018-07-09 02:32:38
On 8/30/10 I was in a car accident. I had just changed insurance continues 8/25/10 . I never went without coverage . So I just got a letter from the BMV ( Indiana ) saying that my license has been suspended . I called my co -insurance on Thursday (02/12/10) and told them they had to electronically submit a certificate of compliance ( SR 50) in the BMV . They said they took care of it . Well , it is now more than two days later, and the BMV website still says I'm suspended . Does anyone know how long it usually takes ? Is it fast or it takes 7-10 days ? I just need to know if I should call my insurance company again or what to do . I really need my license back ! Please help !
What can I do about suspended license plates?0Dougla2012-05-19 16:29:33
I received a letter from the MN DMV say I've never transferred the title of the truck I bought. What I did in October From tomorrow the letter says that my license plates are revoked and the truck could be confiscated. I went to the local DMV and they told me that I have never seen a letter like that, and nothing can be done. I'm supposed to take my sales invoice me if I stop and wait for the state to catch up and fix it. Is there anything else I can do. I have a fear of getting police drove while I'm parked or something and will not be around to prove it is mine.
I don't own a car. Am I still required to show proof of insurance in order to reinstate a suspended license?0Oscar2012-07-23 10:25:02
My license was suspended for one year after he was involved in an accident without any insurance. My car was totaled in the accident . As I did not leave after that, I thought I had to wait before getting another until I got my license back . Now that I am eligible to get reinstated , I have found on the website of the California DMV to do I pay the $ 125 fee and show proof of insurance. It is even possible to get auto insurance without a car? ?
If my license has been suspended in NY, but my plates and registration are in MA will a cop see that?1Flaming Spaz 2012-05-02 03:16:30
Because I now move note in the mail that my license was suspended for failing to respond to a subpoena by a former New York ticket , my car is registered and placed in Massachusetts, but my license is in New York , my insurance , tag, and everything depends on date.If traveled to New York will be my DL and plates to be united by the police to see through radar , indicating the suspension ? or will not be recorded unless I pull over for something else?
Can I change my plates with a suspended license?0Roderice2012-05-25 10:12:14
¿ I can change the plates with a suspended license ?

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