Should the company I work for provide insurance on the cell phones they provide? related questions

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Should the company I work for provide insurance on the cell phones they provide?4locklly2012-09-12 08:56:05
I do plumbing and heating company where I work and I realized that I have insurance on cell phones. My cell phone was damaged in my spare time and can not repair and willing to pay $ 200 for a replacement and no matter whether it happened at work or not, I would pay. They said they had no insurance because he had not previously gotten super cheap phones , but policies have changed now with Verizon and they can not get them. What do you think?
Would Cell Phones be covered under 'Contents Insurance' ?(given that cell phones are taken outside the house)2Ferdinan2012-09-11 18:16:02
Phones to be covered by "Secure Content" ? ( Given that cell phones are taken out of the house)
Do life insurance companies make cold calls from corded phones or cell phones?0soasi piutau2012-10-15 07:50:08
I do not have cancer ! ! thanks
If I work for a company in Massachusetts and I live in Oregon, can they provide health insurance?0Arlene2012-07-23 13:56:03
I may be taking a work from home job from a company in Massachusetts. Unfortunately they say they are unable to provide health benefits to an employee that lives in Oregon. Is this true?
Do you need to provide worker's compensation rates and classification codes to a company who hired you to do concrete work if it was not in their contract0Cecilia2012-03-02 22:51:16
It is not necessary to provide workers' compensation rates and classification codes to a company that hired him to do a particular job, if not in their contract
My employer wants to provide their insurer with proof of my car insurance; can they require me to provide that2Bernie2012-10-27 19:54:06
My job does not involve driving, and we have recently discovered that our insurance employers recently checked our driving records without our consent , the prohibition of some of us of any work related to driving ( meeting , gathering lunch). Is it legal to check our records without our consent? You may legally request a test of our own car insurance , including all information about our VIN numbers , car loan, etc?
How many people have cell phones?8Virginia2012-06-25 05:50:30
I have a
D oyou think kids need cell phones?6 집합 가변명사 2012-10-26 07:51:47
Yes, if it goes somewhere, but not to do anything with them
Family discounts with cell phones and car insurance?1khatami 2012-06-05 20:14:51
My dad gets a discount for multiple cars with car insurance holding the car in his name ... Is not this like all families should use their car insurance, even if the children have moved away and live on their own? If anyone can save money by having a family plan, even though children have moved to live on her own , is not it more normal?
If employers will be required by law to provide health insurance for workers who will be required to provide?0maha2012-10-30 11:45:02
families of workers ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus It should employers provide health insurance to the spouses and children of employees ? If not how do you pay ?
If both parents work from home how can you provide insurance?2Miss Beatriz d Valle is in love with Jac 2012-05-07 20:51:31
If both parents work from home how do you provide insurance ?
Does USAA property insurance cover cell phones?1Donna2012-06-08 06:42:38
BestBuy I have insurance on my phone right now, but I have heard of peoples home insurance covers the phones there .

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