When do you get a new sticker on your license plate? related questions

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What is the risk in displaying a license plate sticker that doesn't match the license plate number?2chaffinch2012-07-10 19:50:02
My car has expired license plate stickers and not the emissions test , but that repairs would cost much more than the car is worth , I have not got that fixed and retested. So until you have enough money to buy a new car, I'm stuck. My car is still manageable , so I took a chance and went with the label expired , and I ended up getting a ticket while parked. Recently my brother had to get new license plates of your car , just after getting his new label for your old plates . He gave me his label for your old plates , as even he had put in his car yet. It's a real label has been paid. The only badge numbers do not match. So I wonder how close the cops will be on the label and how likely it is that I would discover . If a policeman is my license plate number , he or she sees that it has expired ? Also, what would be the punishment for having a sticker on my car that has a different license plate number ?
How do you stick the license plate sticker to the plate when the stickers not sticky?0Guardian Angel 2012-06-15 12:15:57
How do you stick the plate to tag the plate when no sticky labels ?
When do you get a new sticker on your license plate?0Roxanne2012-05-13 19:48:49
How do I get a new sticker for my license plate?02012-02-15 06:27:54
I live in Georgia. Where I can update the label of the little that is my month of birth on it?
Do you get a new license plate every year or just a sticker for it?2choccy2012-08-10 05:15:03
I get a new label each time the mine expires in about 132 and everyone is telling me that im not just supposed to be receiving a sticker to replace the expired ! What? anyone heard of this
What does it mean when there is a, your license plate has been reported sticker on your car?2PORN STAR 2012-04-13 01:33:23
it was an orange sticker and had a picture of a tow truck of a car?
Can someone else get my illinois license plate sticker for me?0Thai Jazmine2012-06-20 03:02:29
too busy at work and need someone to get the plate renewal for me ..
License Plate made of Sticker?1horse2012-09-08 19:44:02
Hi Guys , I know this may sound a little crazy , but I tried to surf the web without useful information. My question is, is legal to make an exact copy of your license plate in front weatherproof label ? I was wondering, because many people complain to the steel plate , which reduces the dynamic aero especially on the road , and there is a possibility of flying to other cars behind you , thus causing an accident. Thank you !
License plate sticker expires?0Tracci2012-06-21 10:15:22
And I said ' battery reset trick worked to eliminate the " check engine light " until he was in the smog test and my vehicle was rejected because I read that the battery has been reset. I did last year, and passed it . I have one week to find out what other options do I have , you can not allow the vehicle to actually fix the engine light goes out. Any ideas ?
What is the little expiration sticker on the license plate called?5Dan2012-04-20 18:51:20
What is the expiration little label on the motherboard is called ?
Putting the license plate validation sticker on WRONG car?0Bad Ass 2012-03-29 13:07:58
Hi all, The used car that is registered under the name of my mother. So when they got the registration cards , stickers and accidentally changed the label is now in my car, and my label is on your car. Should I request a replacement decal , and why? Why have the label of the matter is not it? What is that little number on the average label, anyway? ( not the month / year). Thanks for any help.
In az when you order a personalized license plate will it come with a new resistration sticker???3Birch2012-02-21 16:58:32
In az when you order a personalized license plate that will come with a label resistration again? ?

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