What exactly is a payout ledger from an insurance co? related questions

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What exactly is a payout ledger from an insurance co?11 감탄사 2017-12-31 12:56:17
What exactly is a ledger of payments of a co -insurance ?
General Ledger accounting question?0KEVIN JONES2012-08-06 01:45:02
This is a homework problem I'm getting. Brooks March 1 invested 150,000 in cash, along with 22,000 in office equipment business. Cash $ 6,000 2.3 6-month prepaid rental office 3.3 makes credit purchases of office equipment for $ 3000 and $ 1200 for supplies. Payment must be made within 10 days. 6.3 complete services for the client. Collected $ 4000 3.9 completed project for the customer $ 7500 due in 30 days 3/12 paid $ 4200 to pay off the debt created in 3.3 3/19 paid $ 5000 in bonus cash on 12 month insurance policy 22.03 receive $ 3500 cash as partial payment for work performed 3.9 3/25 finished the job for another client for $ 3820 on credit. 29.3 withdrew $ 5100 for personal use 03.30 buy $ 600 of additional office supplies credit 3/31 paid $ 500 cash for utility bills . On the website I'm working , the general ledger to this problem calls for debits, credits and balance for : 1.3 3/2 3/6 3/12 03.19 22.03 29.03 03.31 I've done this 10 times and I'm not getting the correct answer. Could someone please help me solve this? God knows it should be easy , but I must be debited credit where it should or something. UGH ! Thank you !
How do you print the general ledger in Quickbooks?0Abas2012-08-21 07:15:02
I need to print a report and I can not do that for insurance auditor coming tomorrow ! Help !
Where do I record an insurance deductible in the general ledger?0Tawanza2012-07-01 12:15:02
I had an insurance claim by lightning. Expenditure was made ​​an insurance claim , less $ 500, which was the amount of the deductible. The recorded as an expense. When I received the insurance check that credits the account receivable. Is this the correct way to record the $ 500 deductible ?
If a fee is being adjusted in a hardship case, when should the discount be written off in the ledger?14kangaroo2017-12-26 16:36:48
If the commission is being adjusted in case of difficulty, when the discount should be killed in the book?
Need help making general ledger. May1Paid rent (80% selling space, 20% office space)S&P Management Co.2?0luie2012-08-30 10:15:03
2 Issued credit memo on returned merch. Knox, Inc. Apr. 28 175 MedlinePlus Total selling price (gross) Knox, Inc. Apr. 28 4725 MedlinePlus 3 Received credit memo on returned merch. Peyton Products 798 on April 29 MedlinePlus 4 Purchased merchandise on credit Gear Supply Co. May 4 n/10 EOM 37,072 MedlinePlus Store supplies purchased on credit Gear Supply Co. May 4 n/10 EOM 574 MedlinePlus Office supplies purchased on credit Gear Supply Co. May 4 n/10 EOM 83 MedlinePlus 5 Received payment less discount and return Knox, Inc. Apr. 28 n/10 EOM 4459 MedlinePlus 8 Paid inv. minus 2% discount and May 3 return Peyton Products Apr. 29 3411? MedlinePlus 9 Sold store supplies for cash at a cost 350 MedlinePlus 10 office equipment purchased on credit Gear Supply Co. May 10 n/10 EOM 4074 MedlinePlus 11 Received payment less discount Hensel Company May 2 5978 MedlinePlus 11 Purchased merchandise on credit Garcia, Inc. May 10 2/10, n/60 8800 MedlinePlus 12 Received credit memo on returned merch. Gear Supply Co. May 10 854 MedlinePlus 15 Check issued for sales salaries Payroll 5320 3412 MedlinePlus Check issued for office salaries Payroll 3412 3150 MedlinePlus 15 Cash sales for the first half of month (cost $ 38,200) 59,220 MedlinePlus 16 goods sold on credit (cost $ 1,890) Hensel Company 8786 2/10, n/60 17Purchased 3990 creditFink merchandise Corp. May 14 2/10, n/60 13,650 19 Paid invoice less discount Garcia, Inc. 10 May 3413 22 goods sold on credit (cost $ 4,990) Lee Services 8787 2/10, n/60 6850 MedlinePlus Discount 23 invoice amount minus Fink Corp. May 14 3414 13 377 MedlinePlus 24 Purchased merchandise on credit Gear Supply Co. May 23 n/10 EOM 8120 MedlinePlus Supplies purchased on credit Gear Supply Co. stores May 23 n/10 EOM 630 MedlinePlus Office supplies purchased on credit Gear Supply Co. May 23 n/10 EOM 280 MedlinePlus 25 Purchased merchandise on credit Peyton Products May 23 2/10, n/30 3080 MedlinePlus 26 goods sold on credit (cost $ 8,230) Crane Corp. 8788 2/10, n/60 14,210 MedlinePlus Paid 26 April 3415 Electricity bill 1283 Perennial MedlinePlus 29 wrote the check to the owner for personal use Jenny Colo 3416 7000 MedlinePlus 30 Received payment less discount Lee Services May 22 6713 MedlinePlus 30 Check issued for sales salaries Payroll 3417 5320 MedlinePlus Check issued for office salaries Payroll 3417 3150 MedlinePlus 31 cash sales from the second half of month (cost $ 42,500) 66,052 MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Additional information: MedlinePlus one. MedlinePlus expired insurance $ 553 b. Store supplies MedlinePlus 2632 ending inventory c. Ending inventory office supplies 504 MedlinePlus d. 567 Estimated Depreciation warehouse equipment MedlinePlus e. Estimated depreciation of office equipment 329
Landlord payout help?0caci2012-07-26 17:16:02
How much average should I expect to pay for landlord insurance, and all other landlord related outgoings? I'd like to be a landlord, but I'm trying to put together a portfolio of estimates, outgoings related to incomings, to try and see if it's worth it. I don't know if it helps, but there'll be no mortgage because I'm buying the property outright, and the property is in Bradford, Yorkshire, UK. (I mention this because car insurance differs on the place in which the car 'lives'.) Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.
So my car is a right off who does the insurance payout....?2Power2012-08-07 11:58:44
In April I have a car through stoneachre . The money for the car was paid for Finconsum staoneachre . I called stonacre today and asked if they own the car until you have paid for it or its mine as soon as I left the performance. He said his car as soon as I leave here, you can do whatever they wanted with it ( sell it, etc. ..) . So I think the inurance stoneachre going to pay because the money have paid and am paying the monthly payments for Barclays ? Or does the money go to barcelona ? thanks
Insurance payout for my car? ?5Olaf2012-08-29 18:18:14
Can someone please tell me if you have a prang in the car and it was your fault , but they were fully comp , does it mean that covers your car as well as theirs . Are they going to fix mine ? Thank you.
About payout after Stroke at work?0Shag_Dawg 2012-05-06 19:26:25
A friend had a job as a lab technician, but in addition to their normal workload was expected to complete a Diploma of Technical Laborotory , the stress of his position is quite high due to working with hazardous chemicals, the situation is very stressful and hypertension and unreasonable expectations of this position and added workload of completing the same time suffered courseat Stroke.She never be the same again and not feel he can still perform as well as she did. can you then ask your employer to offer a prize that she feels she can not do this job.She is the return to work and graduated were asked to do too much and be chosen for its bosses.Where must support this coup legally as in his work ...
Life insurance payout?2khatami 2012-06-22 08:30:03
My father died and my sister and I received money from a life insurance policy . They took a lot of income tax on the total amount before we give money . we can claim the tax had on him. we ontfario Canada
No insurance payout till I'm 18?2â¿´ 'Sc!! Curcuma love you 2012-03-20 20:11:45
I was recently involved in an accident between a motorcycle and a car (02 November, I am the rider ) and things have gone really smoothly so far. The car driver admitted liability immediately , I have received interim payments for the bike, my team and fees bike storage. A letter from my insurance companies newcomer talking about a quick appearance before the court only to put the " rubber stamp " on things of my payment from an injury that will be more

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