Could one be a better performer as an independant agent-broker, than an agent working for a direct company?

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It can not succeed in continuing my contract with a direct marketing company . I am a captive ( or exclusive) agent and still fairly new (in the first two years ) for business and have some money to invest. I just feel I can be able to get out on my own and do much better. I have not taken advantage of my best resources as clients, because I've been trying to use company resources to some extent lead me - to see if this arrangement works even for me. I look to more experienced agents and see what can not be as lucrative , being a direct marketing company , as previously thought . My goal is to have my own office, part of the city I love , and decent (if not great ) income . I am ambitious , but there are a lot of infighting and the company can make things very difficult to progress in many ways. The company's online appointment system / billing is quite complicated and not particularly well facilitates sales . At the end of this contract (which expires soon, if I can not meet the quota) , it may be better for me to establish my own brokerage. Will I be seen as someone who could not do with ** direct business and probably will not do it myself? Am I really not likely to do it myself? I have a lot of effort to go.
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My suggestion is to go with an established office brokers doing business in many companies , 1st .

Yes, as a captive agent , you are stuck just selling products of that company, while as an independent agent, you can try to sell a product better , or in some cases, highest paying commissions to a company against to another.

You must also take into account the costs of running a business . It is not insurance , overhead , such as employees, rent, utilities , taxes, etc. You could be eaten alive w / in 6 months and broke if you do not succeed .

Seriously , go to another broker that is captive and give it a couple of years to see if , then , might be able to do it alone. Also, while there , see if you can find the "real " operating costs of an office.

Remember , most new businesses fail w / in the 1st 5 years. Do you want to risk losing everything I have saved?

good luck
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