Should the top vin # match EXACTLY what's on the registration? related questions

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Should the top vin # match EXACTLY what's on the registration?1Leonar2012-06-21 13:42:21
Or contract if you are still paying for the car? I bought a new car and recently realized the dash vin does not match my title or contract. The first numbers are off but the last are the same, is it normal to be out ?
Does the address on your license and car's registration have to match?8alaina2019-01-02 19:04:15
My vehicle registration is in the name of my father. I bought the car when I was 17 and lived with my parents. I live in a different direction. I have to get my license renewed soon and I wonder if I should continue to use the address of my parents (because the vehicle is registered in that direction) or if I can use my real address . Thank you !
What if the licence plates don't match the registration?0Renee2012-01-31 10:49:50
Ok , so my boyfriend bought a car from a guy on craigslist . He only realized that the registration of vehicles ( Nevada ) do not match what the record says they are the real plates . Can you still put the car in your name? The VIN number and everything else is correct.
Does car registration have to match driver's license and insurance?12019-01-02 18:34:55
i just moved to a new state and i have to get a new dl but do i also have to update my vechile registration to the new state or can i leave it in my previous state where taxes are cheaper?
Do I need to change my address on registration as well as insurance to match my license?4cristal2019-01-02 18:28:14
I have two houses . I have my driver's license in a home address to take advantage of good schools around for my son , and I have my registration and insurance on the other . I have a license in New Jersey by the way. Do I have to change my address on the registration and insurance to meet or is fine the way things are? I prefer to leave things as is , I do not live in that building and rather my bills come to me .
Does your Insurance address have to match your registration address?5Eartha2017-12-12 22:23:52
I'm moving to a new city where the insurance rates are higher than my current town. I have to change my address on my license and registration to get a parking permit in the city, but do I have to change the address on my insurance? The permit doesn't require to know any information about your insurance.
Whats a Car Registration Look Like?1^/^ (8) ^/^ -.- :P:D:S 2012-04-14 06:03:11
Or how it looks , maybe a photo would help lot.I need to prove my residence.
My car registration prileges are suspended whats this mean?0Melody2012-02-13 01:37:46
I received a letter from the Ohio BMV that my lisence is valid, but my privelages are suspended why is this ? and does not mean I can not buy a car?
Bike registration!!! WHATS YOU OPINION?0marako2012-06-23 14:20:50
cyclists should pay registration ? ... after all you are sharing the road with other vehicles Does the log bike affects the government in a negative way ?
Whats the website to renew my registration online?0Darc2012-03-29 09:56:57
I have to renew my registration online , stickers on the front of the car , the windshield , not the labels in in Pennsylvania.
When you are buying a car, whats the diffrence bweenthe date of manufacture, and date of first registration,?5Gal2012-11-05 15:17:02
When you are buying a car , what is the diffrence bweenthe date of manufacture and date of initial registration ?
My car got hit and the paint won't match up?0Ajax2012-07-15 01:29:02
I have the person who hit me's insurance, my fender was damaged and I was told the paint won't match up when repainted after taking out the dent. Would you think the insurance would cover the cost of repainting the whole car?

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