Will LIC keep up the faith and respect people have in it? related questions

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Will LIC keep up the faith and respect people have in it?1Thera2012-10-25 06:11:48
The recent scam fraud LIC has really shaken everyone in the country , in particular has been a big question mark before innocent LIC agents , which are the backbone of the Corporation, and have fought on the increase funds and resources for the Corporation. So far I've been a believer and spread whenever he could, that Mr. is the only company in the country, when the box of the investor "is safe . However , this faith I have in the LIC is shaken.Will the LIC keep the faith and respect the people of our country have remained alive in the SCI ?
Should you respect a minority in the USA that has no respect for the laws of the USA?0my2012-08-01 22:16:03
True summary of illegal activity from long term illegals Here is a true summary of illegal activity from long term illegals, and as you can see it's not just about sneaking across the border, and it's not just careless breaking of the law, it's carefully planned to cheat Americans. 1. Illegal entry into the United States - Misdemeanor - deportable offense. 2. Failure to register as a foreign national - misdemeanor - deportable offense. 3. Fraudulently applying for a state driver's license with counterfeit ID - misdemeanor 4. Applying for work or working in the United States without a work visa - Misdemeanor - Deportable Offense. 5. Fraudulently operating an unregistered business under a false name - misdemeanor - Deportable Offense 6. Fraudulently applying for and accepting welfare using counterfeit ID - Felony - Jail Time- Deportation 7. Fraudulently applying for and accepting food stamps using counterfeit ID - Felony - Jail Time - Deportation 8. Fraudulently applying for and accepting mother's assistance using counterfeit ID - Felony - Jail Time - Deportation. 9. Fraudulently applying for work using counterfeit or stolen Social Security Number - Felony (Perjury)- Deportation 10. Fraudulently claiming excessive deductions for Federal Income Taxes to avoid paying any taxes - Felony - Jail Time - Deportation 11. Registering to vote in states with Motor Voter programs and voting without being a US Citizen - Felony (Perjury)- Deportation 12. Buying counterfeit auto license tabs instead of paying the sate - Misdemeanor 13. Buying phony auto insurance from Mexican operatives so automobile with counterfeit tabs can be registered - Misdemeanor 14. Claiming poverty in a household with high income (for you less than informed - illegal households can easily make as much $100,000 a year tax free) so children can apply for free lunches at school - misdemeanor 15. Claiming poverty to get free medical care from free clinics - Felony - Fraud (hundreds in LA alone) and using first class hospital emergency rooms as family doctors for non-emergency medical - ALL ILLEGALS HAVE 100% MEDICAL COVERAGE AT NO COST TO THEM - PERIOD - Misdemeanor - Deportation. 16. Traffic citations and accidents - Illegals have no real name or address - if they are get a citation or are involved in an accident - they just disappear and surface again with a new counterfeit license and address- and good luck with your insurance company - misdemeanor - Deportation Etc, Etc, Etc,
Our U.S. Presidents and other leaders don't get respect.?0Shimika allicock2012-07-03 06:42:02
What is the law regarding insurance in respect of towing another vehicle?2alli2012-10-23 18:41:03
My insurance company told me that I am insured to tow another vehicle . What about the person sitting in the car towed?
What does "claim closed" mean with respect to car insurance?2Vietnam2012-03-19 15:06:41
I recently had an altercation with another car and I quickly phoned my insurance adjuster car . The information was taken and the agent said that everything would be handled by them from that point. I just received information ( online ), indicating only that the claim was closed. What does this mean exactly? "Claim closed" ?
What does "claim closed" mean with respect to car insurance?5oh yeah... Darknet created 285 too :D 2018-02-05 08:18:13
How is customer performance with respect to life insurance0Frances2012-03-07 17:41:52
How is client performance with respect to life insurance
What does the word 'speculative' mean with respect to medical insurance1uncount noun2012-03-21 14:16:11
What does the word 'speculative' means with respect to health insurance
Why will doctors refuse to respect my wife's wishes.?0moonlight2012-11-03 19:08:45
Hi, My wife recently had an appointment with a new doctor to renew her birth control pill prescription. She is 30 has been on the same pill for the last 10 years, all that usually happens is her blood pressure is checked and she is given a 6 month supply. We have recently moved here and have no established relationship with any doctors or health care providers; I accompanied her to this appointment at her request as she did not know the doctor and my company medical insurance would be paying any costs. At the appointment in his consulting room he confirmed that he could renew my wife
What do you think of this AP article titled "A productive Congress gets no respect"?1*****2012-09-01 20:48:02
It almost seems that the author of this article tries to imply that this Congress has approved the programs that are equivalent to Medicare , Medicaid and civil rights legislation . It begins by comparing them on a legislative basis , then moves slowly in a broader comparison involving all those who do not like this type of health care "reform" bill, etc. are same people who hated the civil rights legislation , Medicare and Medicaid in the 1960s . What do you think ?
What is the average total cost of learning to drive and a car or suitable respect when your 17?3colt, foal2012-05-12 20:34:23
Includes everything as learning , insurance, testing the car and so on .. I just turned 16, so I was thinking of starting to save up A car that is not shameful to be seen however, is expensive because only 17 : P Thanks if you say oh and I am a man
I bought and sold an unknowingly stolen item. In UK law where do I stand with respect to the sale?1Ecs2012-08-25 13:52:19
In the course of my business in second hand bought and sold an item that has been identified as stolen. He passed through many hands before I arrived and was allegedly stolen years ago , so that buyers and sellers of it ( myself included ) have acted in good faith in what I can say. I bought and sold in good faith and , as far as I am aware of the UK states that the liability law is the ultimate purchaser. I know the issue is ownership of the original owner or the insurance company , but I just want to make sure they have no liability under contract law in the UK. Could someone help me with this ?

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