What does it mean when your home insurance claim is closed but the estimation/evaluation is in progress? related questions

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What does it mean when your home insurance claim is closed but the estimation/evaluation is in progress?0hello问候2012-05-10 20:03:06
What does your insurance claim when your house is closed, but the estimation / evaluation is in progress ?
Police closed road accident rage claim without letting me know. they closed claim and gave her my details?0SROBSON2012-06-23 10:19:24
a crazy woman made ​​me hit the back of his car a few weeks ago , playing and moving like crazy until I cut in causing the incident. I went straight to the police to report this. I called the updates never twice to redial . I contacted their solisitors you are claiming for damages ? I contected told police complaint closed and gave each party infomation not What the hell is going on. by not having checked the cameras or anything. Now this fool is going to claim my insurance
What is the basic of an insurance evaluation claim process?0lois2012-07-11 11:00:02
What is the basic steps and process of the insurance evaluation claim process for an injury? If they have all the required documents(records...bills...etc), do the evaluation take long?
What does "claim closed" mean with respect to car insurance?5oh yeah... Darknet created 285 too :D 2018-02-05 08:18:13
What does "claim closed" mean with respect to car insurance?2Vietnam2012-03-19 15:06:41
I recently had an altercation with another car and I quickly phoned my insurance adjuster car . The information was taken and the agent said that everything would be handled by them from that point. I just received information ( online ), indicating only that the claim was closed. What does this mean exactly? "Claim closed" ?
I have a workers compinsation claim that is closed and need it reopened?2Gemma2012-05-10 01:21:15
I have a claim compinsation workers closes and the need to reopen ?
Car insurance claim closed by agency, what if I get another bill?0sisca2012-08-21 05:26:02
The insurance company has closed my claim , but what if I get another bill in the mail that has not been paid that is supposed to be covered. Are they going to reopen the claim for pay ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Thanks MedlinePlus MedlinePlus PD - was medical bills
Closed on a home in may of last year. made approx six mortgage payments between may and Dec totaling 4218.00.?1indiya2012-11-05 01:32:02
also paid about 210.00 for PMI insurance. Have I paid enough on the mortgage in 07 to get back some of the interest in my tax refund this year? Is their a certain amount of time in a fiscal year that you have to own the house to get money back in taxes the following year, or is it a certain dollar amount you have put in in the previous year? thank you so much for any direction in this matter.
Does progress mean being gullible?1ubaidullah2012-09-25 19:45:03
I'm a little confused , so I hope that liberals can help me with this. As man global warming. I was skeptical and told me so I do not like science and progress. Well, if you know anything about science , like quantum physics , which was " discovered" about 100 years ago , you know that the debate never ends. So I do not hate science. And since after all the rigging of the data, and the fact that Mars is warming at a rate similar to Earth , it seems very likely that we are warming due to solar variation . http://news.nationalgeographic.com/news/
Wealth Estimation on this Man.?0roza2012-07-26 09:27:02
Please help estimate the amount of money that this man has. He is 59. His father was a dentist and his mother was an only child housewife.He and their parents died 8 years ago, I think. He was the CEO of a steel corporation and started the company after quitting a job in another company brought a considerable amount of business. He was in his 20 years of age. At the end of the year, gave a bond that seemed an insult. It was something like $ 15,000. He tore the check up in front of his boss and quit. He went into business on his own, years later he met a couple, but the couple died and he was in business for himself. CEO married because his gf was pregnant and divorced two years later, this was the only time he was married, so it's not alimony, women taking half as much I asked how he felt about making your first million and said: "It was good," and when he sold his company at 40 years old, was at the height of his success, there was never a decrease. Employees who were laid off received pay and insurance for several months. Once a woman tried to intercept one of the smaller checks from a customer or supplier thought it would go unnoticed. It was a check for $ 30,000. (I remember because he was Black and he liked it, but not date someone who worked for him. Mhmm) It pays the same as some of its employees, $ 200,000 a year in the 70's, which is $ 854,330.86 a year in today's dollars. He said that no matter how much you pay since the company was his. He believed in being fair and made sure that when he sold his company maintains its worldwide work and paid well. He sold the company some money, but I'm not sure how much of (CEO retired at age 40 . Well, now we're done w / the job: CEO also has been investing since he was 20 years and has some IRA savings accounts, etc. that have sat w / accumulation of interest would not be able to access up that is 60 years or so, but said only and will not need them. They made an investment of $ 50,000 the sympathy of a drug that was supposed to "Viagra" (Viagra came true just before this event so lost) and he laughed. He also gave me another example of the kind of investment he did, he would put $ 100,000 or less in a business and then do a bit of interest. I would do with several businesses at once. Did not do this, but never stopped investing.The average home cost lives is just over $ 3 million, but not many houses are in the market, and those seem to be in between $ 4-6 million 3 bedroom dollars less then there are small pieces of land, no home, they are cheaper but never had tons of development, is a very old community. He agreed that a house payment should be the least of 20% of everything he has and he bought his house when the market was inflated. CEO says he makes more now than he did when he was in business. He drives a Lexus RS300 now (you need a vehicle to get home) and pay cash when buying cars.There is just a small piece of information about your company online, as it was so old. When I told the husband of someone who bought a Hermes bag $ 200,000, he said he "could not afford that." The ring of her ex-husband was several carat engagment, Tiffany and cost many times more than the purse (I did a search in the ring would cost, but can not remember the exact number of carats) I seems as if he is rich, but definitely not as rich. He is not big in show of wealth, but I saw his American Express last year and I know he has had the card for years. He is a member of one of the largest bank and private bank transfers the money to me from a background of wealth management. It has a private accountant. Would you be in 30-40% of the top? I really appreciate your answers.Thank so much for taking the time to examine this. Please NUMBERS / Financial Information only.
Insurance estimation?0Duk2012-03-16 11:25:31
I have a mining accident , and willing to pay for expensive both cars. However, the other party insists that go through insurance . My question is how much affect my insurance? To give better understanding to estimate. 1 . I paid my own face. 2 . My insurance is $ 140 per month 3 . I am over 25 years of age 4 . The most expensive one would be less than $ 1500 We appreciate your response S.
Has anyone ever been driving and closed their eyes to see how far they could drive with their eyes closed?11rick 6 2012-09-22 04:57:02
I've only told two people about this and we both had done well. im curious how many people have made

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