With a monthly premium of Rs.1000 & 5 year term, which life insurance policy will be best for me ? ?

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Asked at 2012-05-10 16:09:00
Looking for a single payment after 5 years. Policyholder is 19 years old.
Answer1TiffanyAnswered at 2012-05-21 18:40:59
You are not the only one who met this problem , I have met this type of problem before.I have good experience here to solve my problem http://www.insuranceidea.info/free-insurance.htm similar.
Answer2BilAnswered at 2012-05-25 22:44:11
Go to Foundation. Payment is global and that their intention is to save.

Since it is a short-term policy will get about half the amount as the amount addtional . Suppose you have invested Rs.10000 in 5 years, you will get back around 15,000 ( conservative)
Answer3business ideologyAnswered at 2018-09-04 23:16:36

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