My pap smear was abnormal, i have to go back for anouther test im under my dads insurance. he cant know that related questions

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My pap smear was abnormal, i have to go back for anouther test im under my dads insurance. he cant know that3Everle2012-07-03 04:05:03
I'm having sex. I fear that when billing the insurance company will see what I had to go to the gyno repeatedly or if I have to do some kind of medication or pills that too I will look into the insurance bill . Is there any way around this?
Im using my dads car for my driving test, he is insured but i am not. Will i need insurance to sit the test?20 (Core Estate pain -2012-09-14 01:21:03
Im using my dads car for my driving test, he is insured, but I'm not . Will I need to feel confident about the test?
I receive an auto insurance check with my name and my dads and we both signed it in the back........?0Marjorie2012-05-01 13:44:37
and deduced that its $ 500 .... the check came to 925.73 dollars ... but .... Okay anywayzz two cash this check at Bank of America ... me and my dad to fix my car and buy the parts that many ? ...... I do not want to take it to the body shop? They also do not want to get in trouble for the insurance people ? I cash the check ?
Im using my dads car to take the California Drivers test, does he need to be there if the info is in his name?0MATH PLEASE HELP2012-10-20 20:45:03
My dad may not be available for the day I am taking the test and the car, registration and insurance is all under his name? I have all the information , but has anyone tried to take someone else car to the CA DMV without the person present? Please and thank you!
Can I drive my dads car once I pass my practical driving test?6Michelle K2012-04-15 01:40:21
My test is next week , I'm sure I will spend , but I know if I can drive my parents car once I have my driver's license ?
What can I do? pap smear?0Shandel2012-07-27 05:16:02
I called the health department to make an appointment for a pap smear and they said in order for me to get a pap smear I have to be on birth control for 3 months and then get one? Isn't there somewhere I can go to get a pap smear done without being a birth control? I don't have insurance so I can't go to the doctor.
I have some questions about my first pap smear...?0TOM MY2012-09-28 17:03:02
Okay, so I'm old enough to go to the doctor on my own, but my mom is just now leaves me . I have an appointment gynecologist. morning and wanted to know some things . If I'm on my parents insurance claim and I 'm paying with your credit card , will see if I get a Pap test ? Also wanted to know if the doctor is allowed to tell my parents I'm having sex . I have in my opinion old enough to have sex , but my parents are very strict . please, no judgments , only answers
Abnormal period? Anyone?0kahyla2012-08-24 12:39:04
Lol I know this is TMI . But my periods have been arriving later than usual the last couple of months . But usually all follow the same pattern , a light flow that accumulates after the first day . It is always up blood flow though. This time , we were trying to get pregnant , and I was 2 days of light with stinging pains in my uterus , especially on the left . So I disharge very heavy , almost like snot (sorry ) . Now , my " period " has begun , but is almost 80 % mucus with blood in it . No real blood flow . Any idea ? I took a pregnancy test the day before the blood was negative . Could you still be pregnant ? What could be wrong? I will not have health insurance for a couple of months
How to fix the smear problem on Lexmark printer?1meganthompson2018-11-01 20:53:33
If you are getting trouble to print the documents because of the smear on paper then you should try to fix it. You can dial Lexmark Printer Tech Support Number which is 24x7 to get a complete solution for your technical hitches. 1.Replace the faulty ink toner. 2.Use the best quality paper. 3.Replace the faulty printer head from the printer. Read more: Lexmark Printer Customer Care   
Abnormal Period Problems?0tamrat2012-09-01 17:16:02
During the last two months I have had my period every two weeks and I am looking for information on what might be the problem or the reason that this is happening . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Here is some information about me that will help eliminate or find out what's going on : MedlinePlus I have 19 years and not over or under weight ( only half ) . I am not on birth control and never have been. I did a pregnancy test and it was negative . The last time I had sex was a month and a week and was protected . I started my period when I was 16, at first I had a period every 3 months for a year , then dropped to approximately every two months for a while , and finally got to where every month around the same cycle length . After about 3 months ago started 2 first weeks 2 times , and now I have a period every week . My period is a normal flow of all times ( not heavy not light , just normal ) and the last days 5-6. I never get cramps but recently started having mild headaches since my period has been going on in this way and I use to not receive them. I have no abnormal discharge , sometimes I have a white discharge but I looked at that and I've read that it's normal, but I'm not sure. I do not know if this has anything to do with my problem with my periods but also get sick very easily , I have a really bad gag reflex now , anything can trigger it and I'll start to gag (never throw up though) but I feel very I feel sick when I need it. I have not went to a doctor yet because I'm waiting to get my insurance card in the mail , so please help me and give me any information you know . MedlinePlus - Thank you .
What makes you have abnormal paps?0Abigail Paige2012-06-25 15:10:45
I have had two abnormal paps in the last 6 months. I have no money to go see a gynecologist. And I have no insurance. What causes abnormal paps ? I'm starting to worry. Should I be concerned ? I'm tired of getting disappointed every time. Now I have serious medical conditions as it is. I do not need another. Please help !
Abnormal cycle. Could I be pregnant?0Adri2012-09-12 02:15:05
First, my husband and I used the sofa method. My last period was June 29 . I realized that the blood was bright red ( not as usual ) it was light and lasted less than normal 7 days . I also had some crazy incapacitating cramps death yesterday. I could not move . I've had those before , a few years ago. He had no time for anything , in July. So far I 'm exactly a week late , had mild cramps last week. The headaches last week. Bloating after eating (which is not normal, I 'm a vegetarian ) . I took two pregnancy tests , one last night and one this morning immediately . They were negative. I have no insurance to go to the doctor now is difficult. Could I be pregnant ? Or am I just totally crazy ?

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