Is it possible to get life insurance for my grandmother(84)? related questions

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Is it possible to get life insurance for my grandmother(84)?2Aurora2012-05-25 15:35:49
Hello I know this sounds terrible, but I was wondering if it is possible to obtain a life insurance policy for my grandmother who is 84 years. not super healthy, but I think I will live to a minimum of 5 years. I live in canada
Can I buy life insurance for my grandmother?1~*" Harekrishna Bless America!"*~ 2012-05-14 01:43:16
She lives in Alaska and is 82yrs old. She wants me to have some money and take care of the funeral expenses when it happens. She is in very good health . I was thinking of a term life policy to 10 years $ 100,000. The monthly payment is $ 572.00 rougly a month. Is it possible that if I make payments on your life insurance?
Can I buy life insurance for my grandmother?2George2012-08-11 14:21:39
¿ I can buy life insurance for my grandmother ?
Need life insurance for 89 year old grandmother?2Oliver2012-07-11 02:42:05
Does anyone know of any life insurance company can obtain a life insurance policy for my grandmother 89 years old ? He is currently nursing home with dementia and very poor health. My mother and I who are disabled and people with disability and food stamps and are currently living at home ... that is damaged and we are living in misery is not worth anything ... my laptop I'm typing this on is worth more than this house, but has a tax lien and when I die it will take. So we need a life insurance policy on it of about $ 50,000 to buy a mobile home and a new car, we do not have a car and help us pay the bills. We are receiving your pension check of $ 218 a month to use as a monthly payment for life insurance , but you can put in some of our money if we had but it must be less than $ 300 a month. Any information would be greatly appreciated as I have not been able to find an insurance provider that will take anyone over 80 or 85.
What is the best way to go about obtaining life insurance for my 79 year old grandmother?1Ccs2012-08-07 04:15:02
I am the sole caretaker of my 79 year old grandmother. She is generally pretty healthy (no high blood pressure, no diabetes, etc.). She IS legally blind, and has been for the past 15 years. I live with her and take care of all her needs and expenses. I just found out she doesn't have any life insurance. I need advice on the best route and company to go about getting her life insurance. I'm wondering if I should go through a large company like State Farm or somewhere smaller. And what types of policies. She has a small amount of debt and will need burial expenses. Thanks in advance for all help.
My grandmother bought a life insurance policy for me in 1980...?2eagle2012-11-03 08:49:02
My grandmother died a few months ( I was not close to it, long story) I just found out my aunt that my grandmother had a life insurance for me and my sister. I was born in 1980 , I'm assuming that's probably when it started paying on the policy. She paid $ 1.20 a month and my aunt wants to know if I keep paying it. What happens if I do ? ¿ I can take advantage ? I have no politics in front of me , but my sister has hers and says he bought in 1986. the monthly payment was $ 2.40 for it. And it says something about a cash value on the back. of what I have understood that it is a lifetime / life policy universal life insurance freedom of South Carolina. Does anyone know if there is a way to calculate the cash value estimate. I guess I might have to wait until Tuesday to call them to see if it is worth paying. ( I have other life insurance on myself )
If i was on a life insurance policy with my grandmother (recently deceased) do i get something?0Katie A2012-10-13 00:25:42
His children tell me they need to talk to me about your insurance policy or something ... I do not really know anything about it , though?
My grandmother passed away and I am the beneficiary, is there anyway to find any possible life ins. policies?0Alli P.2012-08-30 04:15:06
She was 93 when she passed away and I have not found any records at her house. Is there any way to do a search of insurance companies to find this information out?
My grandmother took out life insurance on her daughter, my mother. How do I find out if this is true?2Jaycee 2012-11-02 00:26:02
I was told that if I go to a funeral home that they can find for me. Is this true ?
How can i find out if my grandmother had any life insurance to bury her i cant aford it what steps should itak0kaylmur2012-10-23 20:38:43
My grandmother was the widow of General motors employee died years before she was collecting social security and retirement benefits after his death in 1987 , she just died 1/31/06 iTake What steps to find out if he had a life insurance currently have no money tobury his rigt now
Deceased father has deceased grandmother as beneficiary on life insurance policy?1? The simplest incarnation2012-05-24 12:04:47
My father died recently and one of their life insurance policies my grandmother was listed as a beneficiary. She is also deceased. I am his only biological child. No spouse but there is a step child . I live in the minute, and lived in New York. Do I have to go through a probate lawyer ? Do I need to become chief of the goods ? What you need to do to taxes? I'm lost and looking for a direction to head
What should I do? My grandmother got ripped off.?6Pearl2012-10-14 09:20:02
I just learned from my grandmother that his pension has been used by my older sister. My sister has the account information from my grandmother and then connected to the company's Web site by a user name and password for my grandmother's false . My sister has been transferring money from the pension of my grandmother in her own bank account ! I can not believe this! Can my grandmother would I be reimbursed ? You can somehow recover the money stolen?

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