Primerica - well AL Williams policy renewing?

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Asked at 2012-05-09 19:22:35
I have a policy of AL Williams 20 years to be renewed in the next month. If 20 years ago gave me a shot and sure of myself sold a policy. Well, my investments did not and do not do as well as expected 20 years ago. In addition 4 years ago I bought a new house soooo debt again.

I have a policy of $ 200,000. I have 20 years older and has health problems. My question is this : when my policy renews 'll have to complete another application ? ¿ I can renew for another 20 years of policy level?

I know if I have to have a blood test that will fail.

Does Primerica agents out there that can answer? People who Al Williams got me bent many, many years ago. Plus it was 5 states my current home.
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you policy is guaranteed renewal so no needed for medical test if you are keeping the same amount of coverage .

please contact primerica hq and they will assign a new rep for you to answer all  your questions good luck !

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