If I get my driving permit in florida then move to ohio do I have to get a new one? related questions

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If I get my driving permit in florida then move to ohio do I have to get a new one?1Jessica2012-05-28 11:45:59
If I can get my driver's license in Florida then move to Ohio I have to get a new one?
If I have a NY state learner's permit, and I move to Ohio, can I do my road test and get my license there?2Olaf2012-08-11 21:51:39
Or do I have to get a permit from Ohio? I have 21 if it matters .
Get a permit, move to florida, do you have to retake test to get license ?0Aaron2012-06-06 01:48:40
I'll have my permission before moving to Florida, but I think I'll be able to get my license. Do I have to take the exam in Florida to get my license there, or just accept it, and we will get my license ? Thank you !
50 hours of driving in Ohio with permit?0Gilberta2012-03-09 02:28:57
When you turn in your 50 hours of driving or the way you have their permission ? While driving to school or before you get your license?
If I move out of Florida, how long can I keep my existing Florida tags, driver's license, and car insurance?6jk!! iLUV HER ACTULLY!!! 2012-06-13 20:00:32
The reason we need to know is the company that currently work for might be moving our office out of Florida , which means you have to move and to license all new driver , tags , and car insurance the state I just moved into . I heard that most states do not allow any time for this transition and the time to reach this new state, you need to get everything transferred immediately. But I've also heard that Florida allows 10 days for new residents to make these transfers, but this only applies to people moving here or does that also apply to people moving away from here too?
Can you switch over your driving permit if you move to a different state?0Kid Lightning 2012-03-22 06:26:50
I have a permit and I am moving from Minnesota to Texas I could keep my Minnesota license and take the licensing exam in Texas? If not I have to do?
If you buy life insurance in Illinois and move to Florida and the company does not write policies in Florida do you need to change companies1Lucy2011-12-22 06:58:09
If you buy life insurance in Illinois and move to Florida and the company does not write policies in Florida will need to change companies
What is the procedure for getting your temporary driving permit in Ohio ?0Simon2012-01-26 18:36:00
Now I can get mine, but do not know what to do.
Is there a free site where i can study for my driving permit?(ohio)?0Tired â¿´ s. -2012-01-07 01:15:30
I'll be a little bit and I want to get completely prepaired so im gonna be a book from the DMV, but I also want to study online as well. Is there a free site ? one in Ohio (I know that the laws are different) Thank you ! !
Can a 16-year-old with a driving permit buy a car in Florida?6Tenderness due to you2012-01-16 01:47:35
can one . 16 years old with a driver's license to buy a car in Florida, or atleast be in the title and insurance necessaey If a parent is to co-sign Is there any way to do so without being present.
Getting my driving permit in Florida; Online requirements and test.?1Pumpen 2012-03-03 19:18:23
Ok , I have the manual for driving officail for 2007 and I have 14, soon 15 on Monday, July 9 . :-D Tomarrow I'm going to take a drug four hours online and Alchoal education classes required to get your permit in the state of Florida. Just wondering , how do you know the last 4 hours and you pay attenchion all? Anyone who does this line before? please explain how. :-) I will also take the test online ( so you can spend waiting in line on my birthday and enter a code and less waiting time ) and was wondering anyone do this and I feel fortunate that they did so because does it really save a lot of time? Thank you :-)
What if I don't change my drivers license to a florida one when I move?1Clark2012-06-16 04:51:09
You get 30 days to convert, but I'm beyond that. Is there a penalty for not doing so in the allotted time ? I will not be surprised when I change it.

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