There are two names but only one line to sign over a texas title? Where does the second owner sign? related questions

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There are two names but only one line to sign over a texas title? Where does the second owner sign?0 ↘ 〆 altogether ru Bldg relic2012-05-08 15:58:22
There is no Y / O in this matter, striclty that the title of Texas there is only one place for an owner to sign, but two of us have to sign it. Where does the second owner sign? ?
When I receive Title from Bank after payed off, Do I sign title in front or have to go and sign in notary?0I R Good 2012-04-26 15:34:32
When I receive the title after Bank paid off , do I sign the title in front of or having to go and sign the notary?
Does an owner have to sign the original title?0Alfred2012-04-28 08:06:20
I recently purchased a vehicle from someone who had a car in the U.S., but currently resides in South Africa. We have the title of the car, but it will be a hassle to get the title to him in South Africa to sign and send back to America. Is there any way around having to sign the title ? Can you fax a copy? or do anything else to speed up the process?
Previous owner didn't sign title-TX?1Moselle2012-05-28 04:32:17
I bought a car a few months ago and was given the title and bill of sale . I have never bought a car and not take anyone with me, so I had no idea that the owner was supposed to sign the back of the title ! I know pretty stupid. Now I want to register the vehicle and set it to use, but I have no idea how to fix this title. The number on the bill of sale for the owner is disconnected, and does not live here. I have no idea how to contact them. What are my options, if any? I live in Texas.
Who has to sign the title if the title is being transferred for the third time to a different owner?0Muwahahahaha 2012-06-04 14:14:33
Who has to sign the title if the title is being transferred for a third time to a different owner ?
I have a car title with another person. Where does the other person sign on the back to sign over the rights?0^/^ (8) ^/^ -.- :P:D:S 2012-06-20 08:58:25
I'm trying to get the title right under my name so I can do whatever you want with the car without the other person . Can you just sign the back and I go to DMV to get a new title to my name? Living in PA
Can my wife sign the witness line of my life insurance contract?0Ramon Christopher2012-07-22 12:15:02
Can my wife sign the witness line of my contract of life insurance?
To sign or not to sign (an incomplete form)?0babyputra2012-10-25 20:35:47
We often need to sign documents / forms at the end which means that the person signing completely agree what is stated in the document. I know it's dangerous to sign an incomplete form . But sometimes we / I face these situations . I wish I knew what to do in such circumstances. I had to undergo medical tests for my life insurance and that the company had sent a representative to a pathology laboratory to my house to get samples . After them , it asks me to sign a form that is supposed to contain the details of the reports , but they were intended to be filled after the tests were completed and it would take a day or two . I signed the form stating that I agree that the above results were obtained from samples taken from me . But the results were not ready and so signed a blank form that is very stupid . This I understand is done in order to save time , otherwise the representative would get back to me after the test results are known and asked to sign after reading , understand and accept the results of the tests. In case of incomplete forms a firm like this or not ?
If a person was to co-sign for a car could he co-sign for another while still co-signing for the other?0 ⺌ (. -2012-03-12 11:19:52
Basically I'm asking you to sign jointly for two cars at the same time,
If 2 people are listed as owners on a title to a vehicle, do both parties have to sign the title when selling?3Veytia2012-06-24 10:00:39
Not sure if this is important, but we live in Missouri.
How do you change the name on the log book of your car, if the owner isnt alive anymore so cant sign the paper?3No,Sir2012-06-03 20:00:21
My grandfather just died, had said he could have his car, but the record book still has its details , how I can switch to extract the details without him signing the paper work?
Can I decide not to sale in Texas with a sign Lease Purchase Option?0Seth2012-09-21 20:28:02
I rented my house to my brother three years ago. He paid the loan directly as I lived out of town and had never had a problem as far as I knew. However, I started getting phone calls from my lender foreclousure my house was on and I was in arrears on my loan for selling my home to someone else without permission. I called my brother several times but got no responce. The lender informed me my house had lost their insurance coverage because there was the lein holder. After researching the records found my brother has forged a letter stateing now was the owner and someone paid for notorize without me. He in turn presented it to the evaluation office changeing and property names. Then find someone to give him $ 5,000 and signed the house this new person in a wrap around lein. Once I realized what had happened I threatened to make it droped all claims and got the tennant to drop claims that the house was returned to my name in the evaluation. However, the tennant who thought she bought the rights to take over the payments for which she believed was the owner was living in the house. Since then I have paid over $ 2500 to get him out of the house to get foreclousure and insured. Except that I still wanted to do right by the Tennant much as I could I volunteered to help in any litigation that may give birth to my brother and provide application assistance home ownership program. I put in a lease with or without deposit additional money to pay for it apart from your regular income. I told him if I was selling the house financing at the end of the lease term of one year. We signed a purchase option agreement with a sale price but no money for me or additional income that goes toward the purchase price or economic rights. He also agreed to reiumburse for a portion of the money put into the house, even if she was not able to qualify for financing. I was able to find a loan program that may be able to qualify, however, the loan process is so long and tedious that would rather not have to start over myself and I perfer only to return to the property and build equity before the sale. In my attempts to do the right thing in this tennant promised to give the option to buy before you actually thought if I wanted SALE. Can someone please let me know what I can do?

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