I bought a boat from out of state (kentucky) and i live in illinois when i went to get plates for the trailer? related questions

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I bought a boat from out of state (kentucky) and i live in illinois when i went to get plates for the trailer?0Clare2012-05-08 15:34:45
Asked about the title, but in the state of Kentucky does not need a title for the boat only tariler how I can get a title for my boat trailer I live in chicago
Boat trailer no title can I get it stamped by a state trooper so I can get tags?0Pingo 2012-04-26 01:41:43
The trailer and I was given no information on the trailer can be re- sealed by a state trooper and then the trailer labels for living in Louisiana Please advise
I bought an abandoned boat trailer with no title. any ideas how to get a title? I am in Pennsylvania?2Sibyl2012-03-24 06:10:19
The trailer came with a boat I purchased. The boat has a good title , the truck was abandoned a few years ago , and through what I could get the boat home . Now I would like the title of the trailer as well. and I'm in Pennsylvania, so I'm not sure what state laws are specific to your
Im 16 i saved 2 years for a car, bought one now cant afford insurance can someone help me? i live in kentucky?2Denise2012-06-21 23:18:26
But as I said I bought a car and I just want to be a secondary driver now, but the cheapest place ive found is $ 1152 every 6 months ... and is responsible for ... I'm looking for something about 80-150 a month i do not care about what it offers just the cheapest insurance possable .... which some small insurance cheap places ... Ill Take ALL THAT ... LOL THANKS
I have a trailer I bought. I can not find a ID number on it to get plates?1cock2012-10-15 02:32:02
I've looked everywhere, along with many others. What I can do to get the plates? Not a company name on it, but not in the business more . I bought a pontoon boat and trailer as one. I took receipt along with the ID number for the pontoon transferred. But there are no numbers on trailer .
I bought a car in another state when I went there for work do I have 2get the plates changed in the new state?1I R Good 2012-09-19 10:24:02
I bought a car in another state when I was there for work . I fired again, brought me back to my original state to find work again ( nothing found ), but he accidentally ran a red light ( crossed a second, literally , after he had turned red was as * DA !) But I did not see a flash of light so I thought it was okay ... No. I have not sent me a ticket (in the state my brother called me and told me) I called the number on the ticket and asked what I do . They said if you are the driver to fill the information in the back of the ticket NAME, DL #, etc. .. My problem with that is that I still I have my original states DL # never changed it though, because I was not sure how long he would be in the state found a job in So when I fill out the form I be in trouble ? I am sooooo confused! I have no ticket in over 12 years.I do not want to change my license plates because they might be going back if you do not get a job soon ... What is the protocol in my crazy situation ? All Help Welcome! THX !
Registering my boat and trailer help?0 m1ng-3. -2012-05-14 19:24:16
so I'm good , the record of this age StarCraft 1975 and the trailer ... all I have is the bill of sale and the boat was purchased last October that does not have a hull identification number or title , as its too old .... Is there anything else I should have before entering the DMV?
I have noticed a lot of people who live and work in New York State but have out of state license plates. Why?0keith smith2012-07-28 00:35:00
I hear they do this to lower their insurance rates. Many of my acquaintances have florida license plates, but they live and work here. They just have a summer home down there. Is this legal? If not, how can one report these license plates?
Will it affect your insurance rates if you got a speeding ticket in Kentucky but live in another state if this is your first ticket and you are 292Eve2012-05-04 03:23:52
Will it affect your insurance rates if you have a speeding ticket in Kentucky but live in another state if this is your first post and you are 29
Boat & Title problems in MO bought the boat at an auction and the man who owned it is deceased... no title?0*ģ�����*���K�* 2012-05-24 00:06:39
I bought a boat at an auction in MO , the trailer had a title, but the ship did not. I want the title of the boat, but it's old ... previous state has decals on it, but manufacturers no # . The auction did not have a bill of sale or a title to ... I would really like the title of the boat .... The auction was for a man who died recently .. Now what ?
How long do you have to live in a state before you can get license plates for your car from that state?3the prosexionist 2012-04-05 02:37:02
Cali plates but I live in Minnesota dont ask why, because you'll get a stupid answer. How long do I have to live in California before you can obtain quality plates for my car. quality maybe even a driver's license?
Can you own a car in another state with plates and no address in that state if you live in Florida?4Rolanda2012-04-29 07:06:05
Unles you are in the military or government. I say no

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