I have got 2.75/18, as rear tire of my bike, can I change to 3.00 / 17, Is it possible.. Please advice? related questions

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I have got 2.75/18, as rear tire of my bike, can I change to 3.00 / 17, Is it possible.. Please advice?0sexy_gal 2012-05-08 03:44:48
I have 2.75/18 as rear tire of my bike , I can change to 3.00 / 17 Can .. Please advice ?
Should you treat a rear tire blowout like a skid?0 Shí-[Μa] -2012-05-06 05:29:56
If you treat a rear tire blowout like a skid ?
The at fault driver hit my rear suburban tire No damage to my vehicle but the front of her car is What do I do1Hulda2012-04-24 19:26:58
The guilty driver hit my rear tire suburban No damage to my vehicle, but the front of your car is what I can do
If i change the color of bike , will it require change in registration too from registration office.?0Ingema2012-05-22 13:25:31
I have black colored bike I want to paint it silver. my record of the bicycle shown in black. if I can change the color and the police asked me not to match the color with the registry. is best to obtain the registered vehicle again after a color change. ?
Need advice on my bike situation?0Selena2012-10-21 20:15:02
Hey guys happy new year. So I'm in a little situation here. I would buy a motorcycle. And, obviously, I would start on a 250cc ninja (250) Anyway, my parents are old school Middle Eastern (Armenia). We live in California, however. Every time you see "motorcycle" panic and start screaming and anger against me. In September 2011 I finally convinced her to agree to let me have a bike. Then one month later said no more random, and do not ever open the motorcycle word in this house. I was devastated from September until now. But they said you can get your favorite car (which is a 2012 Infiniti IPL G Coupe). But I'll be paying for the monthly payments (rent) and insurance. And it's either going to be over 1000. Probably 1100 for the payment and insurance combined. That's too much, because considering making 1300 a month, I will not have enough to save. Even though they know they will help pay for it, just do not want too. 18 years they paid for me, I want to learn and handle things on my own now. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Im 19 years old, my spring semester of college begins in February and currently live in the house. Just a little more information, I work for my dad and I paid legity. In the office, I see it as my boss, and at home as my dad. Now what I was thinking is, in February I would sit and talk with them. I'll say, "I love you gaze parents, and you love me. Do not want a car, I want a bike. I have a passion for motorcycles, I'll be saving a lot of money, and is fuel efficient. Seré register during MSF and taking all necessary steps I can to prepare fully and be a prudent pilot. Anyway, I know for a fact they're going to refuse, so I do not know what to do. I can easily go out and get my bike, but probably will very angry. But you better ask apologetically. simply do not know what to do. My logic is that if you get a bike make me happy, would not you like to see your son happy. But again understand the perspective of the parents on the dangers of driving. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Is there any advice for me? Im leaning towards moving because I've always wanted to go out and be on my own and experience the real world and I will be funding my bike. What I can in February and I'll have enough money by then to execute my plan. Yesterday kind of up my plan to my father when we were in the car on the way home from work. I said, Dad, I have a plan in my head, but I have a fear of talking to you about it because you're going to get mad. He said no, I will not listen and comment. I will just listen. So I explained to him, okay well February approaches, I leave and go to college on my own and make my bike. He said nothing until said motorcycle then said no no no. Let's stop here because they were both going to get into an argument. So it is, once more it bothers me. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus And I've tried the "sit and talk calmly." I feel I am a young adult, I make my own money, go to school, you should be able to make my own decisions and my parents should support my decisions.
If I change my bike panels from green to black do I have to tell anyone?0woedred2012-08-04 01:15:03
Would I have to tell anyone like insurance dvla or anything or does cour not matter?
Advice on a supermoto/motard as a first bike for a 17 year old in the UK please?0Yulia2012-09-09 04:39:02
I know that bikes are cheaper in terms of car insurance , as my Fiat X1 / 9 I was thinking of getting a car first, as my dad and property , is located north of
Rear ended someone, need some advice...?2ain't nuttin but a G thang 2012-05-24 03:20:36
So I ended up behind someone and was obviously my fault. there seemed no harm done , we share information . on net calls me saying that his defense looks a little crooked and want information from my insurance ( I forgot to get me the day before) . I do not know which is better, I just give my information and the risk of higher insurance rates in the coming years, or try to pay under the table ? By the way , I'm a college student with no money also working part-time job and I have a grand total of $ 40 to my name. I would appreciate any help vetch.
Going to court for rear end collision....advice please!?1Beijing2012-05-11 21:53:03
About a month ago, I was involved in a rear collision of which was driving 40 mph and hit a car stopped. In general, I realize if you are the one struck the other car, which usually are automatically at fault. However, I was wondering about my case rebuttle. With my accident, I was originally in the right lane and had a lot of traffic in front of me and I needed to overcome in the left lane. Before changing lanes to the left, I checked my mirrors, my blind spots, and made sure that was clear. However, due to the curve of the road and the large amount of traffic, I could see there was a car stopped in the left lane I was trying to turn left. Immediately after connecting rails I noticed the car stopped and immediately slammed on my breaks. At that time it was raining and was very slippery. I tried everything to stop him, but somehow, my car does not slow down. I'm thinking in my spare time I locked hydroplated (sp?). Anyway, I ended up hitting the car at a speed almost full. There were no skid marks present in the accident. My question regarding this incident, that's why cars are allowed to turn left there and come to a complete stop at a busy street 40 mph. All other areas on the road have left turn lanes, except when I hit him. Rain or not, because the curve of the road, I see that nobody would be able to see if someone stopped in front (from my original position in the right lane.) I have never gone to court before. Is it even worth discussing? If so, the boy who was hit after the laws so that was not his fault ..... but could it be because of bad traffic rules. There should be permitted left turns in place. No one can stop a car quickly in traffic of 40 mph. Tips please and forgive the typos. This was written from my phone and it is difficult to correct everything. thanks
I rear-ended someone going about 5 mph. Freaked out and need advice.?0Darcie2012-01-13 00:20:45
I have 24 and have never been in an accident, obtained custody, or received any type of ticket. So, even though everyone is telling me not to worry, I'm a little scared about what happened the other day. I'm not trying to place blame, because it was totally my fault, but I feel like I made a mistake in good faith and do not know what to expect after this as a kind of fine or anything. I am a student, after all, and can not afford much now (strict diet ramen noodles, lol). I was lost in the city who has just moved a. I was driving over a bridge when I lost my watch. I slowed as I saw a cross in front and traffic stopped at a red light. I started to crawl towards the light, miscalculating the space between the van in front of me and my car. I looked over his shoulder briefly on the overpass that was lost, looking for any indication that a U-turn would be fine and try to understand the way back to the way open when I heard my car hit the van ahead of me. I felt very stupid and had not been paying attention. I had a great impact, but I heard an impact. So I jumped the car and let the woman know that I had hit his truck. She told me that they stopped at a store. We went and looked at our vehicles. I could not find any marks or signs of impact in my car or truck. She acted very indifferent about it, but exchange information in case. I was a bit of panic, feeling pretty stupid right now ... but I could not see the traces of an impact on any vehicle. She tried to joke me about it, telling me to relax. She said she was not even going to report it because he could see no sign of damage (which was about five miles per hour when it hit the back of his truck in my car). So she gave me some pointers on how to get to my destination, and left. Then, about five days later (today) I received a phone call. The person on the phone was asking about the accident I was involved on Saturday and if he was okay (asking for a statement). At first, I did not know what they were talking about. As much as it was my fault and could have been disastrous, I really feel like more of a bump and did not feel much impact, but who knows. I tried to give a statement, but the call dropped and I was out of service until I went home. But it seems I'll have to call tomorrow morning because it is too late. I'm a little scared. The last time I knew she was laughing at him, and told me to calm down and there was no need to report it ... but now I get a call asking for a declaration of an insurance company? I know I did wrong. It really was an accident .... What do I need to prepare?
Advice required on motorcycle insurance claim please? bike stolen?3Demonlord 2012-05-03 18:30:14
Hello, my bike was stolen recently and am in the process of filing an insurance claim but in my policy clearly states that "keep building closed. " My bike was taken from my driveway at night, it was closed and had a lid on it, not a small bike and have taken at least 2 to 3 strong guys to lift in a van , etc. I'm pretty sure it was taken with the blockade remains in place and there was no evidence of lock bits , etc. disc brake on the road in the morning, all these details are in the police report , which the insurance company obviously have access. Does anyone know where I stand regarding my claim? or someone has been in a similar situation? If I 'm not going to be paid ) I lost the value of my bike and B ) My car insurance is going to grow in the renewal , even if you do not get paid! I'm furious ! Please help !
I was rear ended in a car accident, could use some advice (details inside)?4Morto2012-06-06 12:58:44
Thank you for checking this out , here

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