My life insurance pays out in a money market account and check book, is that like a regular checking account? related questions

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My life insurance pays out in a money market account and check book, is that like a regular checking account?0 ωǒ old ぺ Public -2012-05-07 23:14:06
Or can a person get cash ? Is there a balance that I have to follow? This seems limiting.
Can i put a life insurance beneficiary check into my checking account?0Larry(please look at this one, ignore posted)2012-06-19 11:04:07
a friend of mine whom I have not seen more than a year, died last week and found out she left me as beneficiary of your life insurance policy , but I'm on SSI and are only allowed up to $ 2000 in our accounts , while the SSI. I wonder what will happen if I can deposit this check life insurance ( a considerable amount ) in my checking acount ? ssi , promos, and stop my regular monthly checks ? thank you very much .
I put a life insurance payment into a money market account.?0Jaycee 2012-05-29 10:24:26
I use this to pay my mortgage. Can be taxed . I am retired and 65 years.
Checking Account In Collections And Savings Account Is Still Open?0imbillie2012-11-03 11:47:20
I have two accounts with Citizens Bank... One is a checking account the other is a savings. I'm a freshman in college and ran in to difficulties with my living situation therefore I fell short on cash...and wasn't able to put enough in my bank account in time in order for my auto insurance to withdraw the monthly installments.. The company was never successful in taking out any money however every ATTEMPT cost me $35...and they attempted 10 times!!! Resulting in me being overdrawn $350... Ofcourse at the moment I wasn't able to pay them back so they sent me to collections... This sucks because I am not able to have an active checkings account, but I do have an active savings account with $5.75 in Well, I am renting a room, and I need a place to put my money while I save for tuition.. which is due soon.. I do not trust money in my room. I rather put it in my savings, but will the collection agency, or the bank take the money to pay for any debts I have with them? I still find it unfair that I have to pay for 350 of just over draft fees when my account wasn't overdrawn.. What should I do?
Life insurance payment in the form of a money market account.?0Keith2012-07-21 02:51:02
My mother in law died. In her policy she left my husband and his sisters a nice sum. However, his sister told us that the insurance company would set up a money market account and send the account information to us via mail. She said that it may take 4-5 months. Is the true? Are should we expect it sooner?
How can i cash an insurance claim check without using my checking account?0kelvin andrew2012-07-12 04:07:02
How I can cash a check insurance claim without using my checking account ? I have an insurance claim check I'd like to cash , but I have discovered a situation in which it would take most of the funds and I really need every penny for the repair of my car .... so how I can get cash with funds taken away?
I have judgements against me. A life insurance company just issued a money market account to me. Is my $ safe?0Sharpay2012-07-24 04:14:02
Please, no criticism or advice to pay my debts. I just need to know if creditors can get to the funds in a money market account. Thanks for any help.
Why did Morgan and White Insurance take money out of your checking account. Is Delta Dental really underwritten by United Health Care0'- [Them! Black 2012-03-16 20:14:03
Why White Morgan Insurance withdraw money from your checking account. Delta Dental is actually insured by United Health Care
Can a beneficiary of a money market account agree to pay 3500 on funeral and keep 6500 or keep whole 10,000?1Riding On The Wings Of Death 2012-07-09 23:40:03
Can a beneficiary of a money market account agree to pay the funeral of 3500 in 6500 and maintain or preserve a whole 10,000?
Is there a type of bank account where I can put money into the account and they wont allow me to touch it?1Kay2012-10-14 15:06:02
I am terrible at saving money! I would like to own a car when by the time I go away to college. I DO understand that it is a lot of responsibility because you have to consider things such as maintenance, gas and insurance. I plan to pay for my insurance in-full every 6-month policy contract. I will only be using my car mainly to get to and from the city (I will be going upstate to college), so gas isn't really necessary to worry about since I won't be using it as often! But considering gas, (rounding up so that gas is $5.00 a gallon so that I can include any extras), I would determine how much gas I need per week/month and use gas gift cards so that I can't spend gas money on other way less important, frivolous things! So that takes care of gas (if and when needed) AND car insurance. Now maintenance: you can't use gift-cards to set $500-$1000 aside for emergency or non-emergency car maintenance or can you? Is there a bank account where I can put money in it and they won't allow me to touch it except for that specific reason? If that money is accessible to me in any form I WILL most likely spend it and then be upset later. What do you think of my little plan? What type of bills other than tuition and grocery can I expect to pay for in college? On my own in my own place after college? By the way I'm 17 almost 18 with a job. Saving money is not my thing and to me it seems a bit immature, but its hard lol On my own policy in New York State, what can I expect to pay for car insurance at 18 with 2 years driving experience for 6-month policy plan contract? I just need a ROUGH ESTIMATE TRY TO MAKE AN EDUCATED GUESS IF NECESSARY PLEASE!
If I write a check friday night and money is posted to my account monday will it cover the check?0Clemen2012-05-29 03:45:47
If I write a check Friday night , when you are cleaning ? I have not the total amount of the check in my account, but my paycheck will be there Monday morning . Will this cover the check ?
Who is nuf dis ins and how did they get my checking account number?1Dan2012-07-18 09:45:02
$ 17.95 deducted from my checking account statement . Never heard of this company and never authorized any payment. I do not even know how he got my checking account number . I called the number on my checking account statement and the number is dead. Even the ring.

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