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Car Title Error Crossed Out Name?0uncount noun2012-05-07 17:44:40
So I went to get my degree done for my car on the BMV ( Ohio). And when I got there , said the seller misspelled my name and then crossed out and rewrote . Well, I said it was not good and I knew I could get another. I tried calling the sellers, but they will not answer my calls. Is there anything else I can do ? Please help : (
Does title insurance cover an error the title company made in payoff on the sellers mortgage1Alsto2012-04-23 10:08:34
Does title insurance cover an error in the title company made ​​a mortgage payment vendors
How to Fix Sage Error “Printer not Activated Error Code 30”?3sagecare2019-05-18 01:08:22
The printer error code 30 is a common issue that occurs across various windows platform such as 7, 8 or later. The error occurs when the user is trying to take a direct printout from the Sage accounting software.  There can be many reasons behind this error and for resolving every bug, the troubleshooting step will vary.  You can use hit and trial method given below and if you wish to apply a solution which just targets the cause, then you must contact the sage contact number. • Make sure the actual printer has been set as default and not the virtual one. • Update the sage accounting software as well as the Microsoft office version. • You can also change the user account control settings in Windows 7 version or more. • Always use email programs that are compatible with the Sage50 accounting software. Know More : sage customer support number  
How to Fix Dell Error U1-2320 Error?0hilaryduff2018-12-11 21:08:07
To fix the Dell Error U1-2320 follow these steps: Step 1. Reinstall the fuser unit · Firstly, press the power button at the printer and unplug the printer from the power supply. · Then, perform a reinstall process on fuser unit. · Then plug in the Dell printer with power supply, and turn on the printer. · This might solve the issue, but if the problem is still occurring, then try other steps. Step 2. Verify fuser connection · Ensure the fuser connection proper. Verify the connection carefully. Check the input as well as the output of the connection. · Now check for the input voltage, if the input voltage is normal or not. · Then fix any problem with a thermistor.  Read More-: Dell Technical Support Phone Number 
Can a signature be crossed out and be signed again?0Sylvia2012-05-04 01:38:36
I was stuck in a situation where wrong to sign a paper that I have to take my car title back to the DMV to register my car, I signed with my dad because he was not there the day I went to the DMV and do not let me see him at the time because I have to bring my parents license to verify the signatures . Tomorrow Im going back to the DMV with all necessary papers signed by my dad and my dads ID Unless the document 1 which has my signature , I cross my signature and my father sign next to the Crossout or should I explain what happened ?
IS this Genuine or any kind of scam? is she been cheated or double crossed?please help?0Soumava2012-09-23 01:15:03
HI , I would appreciate genuine answers here and thanks to all who have replied to this in advance ? My friend who is from India applied for a loan of 5lakhs she was told to deposit 20,000 RS as processing fee and later the person kept on asking her the money for this and that charged like anti terrorist certificate and anti druggist certificate and so on , he said he has sent his diplomat to deliver the cash here in India and that person also took some money and showed some documents as its from RBI for the USD to be converted to INR this is been happening for the last 5 months , now she has landed up with no money and jewelry for a 5 lakh loan she has almost spent 3,70,000 INR Now he is telling he will give her more money to that is 10lakhs give 20,000 INR more, she has refused to give that money for him .he is still in contact through mail and through phone he is from NIGERIA Im just attaching you a copy of the mail he has sent 20/03/2009 Monday-Saturday:7:30am-6:30pm {Processing time}. Sunday:12noon-6:30pm {Processing time}. CAPITALIST INVESTMENT SERVICE #1008 CRAVING AVENUE, CENTRAL AREA MIATAMA ABUJA NIGERIA CERTIFIED,CREDIBLE AND APPROVED BY GOVERNMENT POLICY. TEL: +234-806-710-5305 EMAIL: [email protected] Attn:Mrs. Sharon Rose, I Mr. Cyril Johnson, the Managing director of CAPITALIST INVESTMENT SERVICE is Offering a loan amount of 5Laks Converted to India Currency 500,000 INR as Loan to the following Benefit airy: Mrs. Sharon Rose . In view to the Application received from you requesting to borrow from my Company. You are requested you give me a call at the receipt of this Loan Terms Computations,for any form of Information you may need. CONDITIONS FOR THE LOAN You must make sure you understand the conditions for this loan you are about to secure from us, before we then proceed to the processing of the loan. 1. The loan must be insured: The insuring of the loan will be done by the lender who is giving out the loan. Therefore the lender will be responsible for the insurance fee. 2. Time of duration: The borrower must pay back at the rate of interest within the stipulated time (years) after cashing the loan. 3. Upfront fee: The Borrower{ Mrs. S Rose }Will be entitled to pay { 20,000INR } for the Loan Admistrative Processing/Approval Fee. The lender will be responsible for:-The Loan Agreement Contract fee, Insurance charges,Tax and the Transfer Cost. 4. Particulars: The borrower must provide either of the following:-A Driver's License, An International passport, Or a valid Identity Card bearing his/ her name. 5. Required Age: The borrower must be above 18 years of age and any age below 18 would be disallowed from this loan offer. We will start up with the loan processing upon if you can provide the Loan Admistrative Processing/Approval Fee,as it is the Governmental policy for this loan to be granted to you. Note that below is the calculated loan terms and repayment schedule: LOAN TERMS & REPAYMENT SCHEDULE *AMOUNT NEEDED:-------------------------- 500,000.00INR *LOAN INTEREST RATE PER YEAR: 5% *DURATION: ---------------------------------- 5 YEARS *MONTHLY LOAN PAYMENT:---------------- -- 10,416.7INR { Monthly Payment } *NUMBER OF PAYMENT:------------------------- 60 Months *GENERAL INTEREST FOR 5 YEARS:------------ 125,000INR FOR 5 YEARS *TOTAL AMOUNT TO BE PAID AFTER 5 YEARS:-- 625,000.00INR If there is anything you will like to add do not fail to bring it to my attention me, our loan program is very direct and flexible. Hence on your agreement with the foregoing terms you are required notify us on how best you would prefer to receive this loan from the options stated below for your review 1. Bank Swift Transfer 2. Courier/Check Hence for us to commence get back to us to inform us the mode at which you want your loan funds to be transfered to you so that we proceed with the next step of the transaction. Do give me a call for voice identification. Warmest Regards. Mr. Cyril Johnson Tell:+234 806 710 5305 Financial Controller/Operations Manager CAPITALIST INVESTMENT SERVICE And now she has no job no money and she has landed up in a huge huge problem, Can anybody find out this guy is real or a scammer, do we need to file a police complaint Please do help me.
I crossed the border I'm in Mexico and I just found out my registration was suspended for no insurance?0XOCHIL2012-06-24 23:33:56
If I cross the border going to garnish my car I have to go home and fix my problem
What happens if 2 cars get into a car crash and both drivers claim they crossed the intersection in green?0Emmanue2012-03-21 10:53:15
Rav4 My girlfriend crossed the green light and the other driver hit him in the driver's side and after the coup said that had the green light too. How does the insurance company drivers handle the situation. Will be the car of my GF repaired or just get blocked . Thank you.
Error on nys dmv registration?0Andrea2012-03-12 19:07:31
I have a chevy blazer 1996 and there was only today and I came home to register 1966, said Chev. subn . I think that means a neighborhood that I have , but perhaps is registered as the same car ? Does anyone know
How to Fix AOL Error 47-ac-3101?1skylerwhite2019-03-28 04:38:24
The AOL Error 47-ac-3101 is caused mainly by corrupted files in your operating system. And in order to resolve this error one must do the needful: ·   Log in as administrator after starting your computer ·   Go to Start> All Programs> Accessories> System Tools and then System Restore ·   Select the option of ‘Restore my computer to an earlier time’ ·   And now select the most recent point of system restore ·   Confirm it by clicking Next and Now restart the computer for completing the process If after applying these steps the problem does not go away then you are free to call AOL Mail Technical Support Number  where technicians will help you in resolving the issue completely. Read More: AOL Email Helpline Number  If you any query regarding AOL Desktop Gold Software Click here: AOL Gold Desktop Download   
How can you Fix HP Error 0X00000015?0jamespaul2018-10-30 20:41:08
This error message occur when you have some important services stopped. The name of this service is Windows Image Acquisition (WIA). To resolve this just follow the below mentioned steps. 1.Click on “Start” then click on ”Run’. 2.In “Run” type “services.msc” (Without the quotes) and confirm it by hitting enter. 3.A new window will open. In their check the four services. 4.Remote Procedure Call (RPC), DCOM Server Process Launcher, RPC Endpoint Mapper, Shell Hardware Detection. 5.Double click on each of the services. 6.Now, Set up a startup type of “automatic” and click the start button to make them run. 7.After verifying all the services that they are running you can check for the last one which is Windows Image Acquisition (WIA). Set this to automatic and then click on start. 8.Now, restart your computer. These steps should fix the above error but if does not, then you can contact HP Printer Customer Service Number  . Read more: HP Printer Contact Number  Visit here: HP Printer Technical Support 
Wo-o-matic error?????0johnjacobjingelhimershmitt2012-08-26 23:24:17
I had a problem with the plugin wp -o- matic . It does ... MedlinePlus MedlinePlus [ Fri Jul 24 19:50:41 2009] [error ] [client ] File does not exist: / MedlinePlus home/clix/public_html/404.shtml [ Fri Jul 24 19:50:41 2009] [error ] [client ] File does not exist : / home / clix / public_html / favicon.ico MedlinePlus [ Fri Jul 24 19:50:39 2009] [error ] [client ] File does not exist: / home/clix/public_html/404.shtml , referer : < br > [ Fri Jul 24 19:50:39 2009] [error ] [client ] File does not exist: / home/clix/public_html/images/ban1.gif , referer : MedlinePlus [ Fri Jul 24 19:48:46 2009] [error ] [client ] File does not exist: / MedlinePlus home/clix/public_html/404.shtml [ Fri Jul 24 19:48:46 2009] [error ] [client ] File does not exist : / home / clix / public_html / favicon.ico MedlinePlus [ Fri Jul 24 19:48:44 2009] [error ] [client ] File does not exist: / home/clix/public_html/404.shtml , referer : < br > [ Fri Jul 24 19:48:44 2009] [error ] [client ] File does not exist: / home/clix/public_html/images/ban1.gif , referer : MedlinePlus [ Fri Jul 24 19:41:35 2009] [error ] [client ] File does not exist: / MedlinePlus home/clix/public_html/404.shtml [ Fri Jul 24 19:41:35 2009] [error ] [client ] File does not exist : / home / clix / public_html / robots.txt MedlinePlus [ Fri Jul 24 18:48:18 2009] [error ] [client ] PHP Warning : fopen ( / home / clix / public_html blog / / sitema

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