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High deductible plan with a high premium!!?1Blake2012-05-07 17:36:25
I think I have the worst insurance in the world. My employer offers a range of different types of insurance, but they all stink . I need a family plan ( I, my husband, my stepson ) and I chose the high-deductible plan with an HSA. I also chose the one that offers an employer match in your HSA contribution . Let me say, just because you have a high deductible that does not mean that you will have a low premium . With my plan, I have to pay $ 210.00 a month just in premiums and an additional $ 124 a month to my HSA to pay my deductible of $ 4,000. I'll never get to that deduction. All the care you need , I'll have to pay the entire amount of my HSA. Our teeth is just as bad. I can pay $ 106 a month for dental care . My company offers a plan with low deductibles , but the premium is much higher than the HDHP with the HSA. We will try to get pregnant next year and wondered what everyone thought about the possibility of dropping the HDHP and goes with high premium , traditional insurance . I want to pay the least amount of insurance and medical expenses.
Health insurance .... High deductible, low premium or low deductible high premium...?2didgeridoo !! 2012-09-20 03:24:03
Family of 4 ... The visit of Dr. . perhaps the year of 5x.
Health Insurance: what's better higher premium/low deduct or lower premium/high deductible?1 rise to kiss you -2012-08-31 16:18:02
I am self-employed and required to purchase health insurance . In fact , I've been without it for a year. I have 29 years of age. I recently started having pain in the neck without explanation (can not find the cause ), so I started looking at the plans. I went online and find some. Many had high deductibles, but low premiums . But the thought was that it was better the higher premium and $ 0 deductible and coinsurance % 0. I know I will immediately see a doctor and can even request an x-ray or MRI, uninsured could cost thousands. In any case , this plan is also month to month so it seemed the best option (and was rated very high among the users). Technically, you could save a $ 1000 and have a lower premium , but as the month to month I would not have to have secure long if somehow you can not pay the premium. I am very little lost with this health and have not had much guidance from those around me . Did I possibly make the right decision . Indeed , health is the cornerstone of this . $ 254 per month , 0 % coinsurance , deductible of $ 0, month / month. I just found a good plan and some things are too good to be true you cautious. That's another reason I resisted.
High deductible, low premium?1copperhead2012-08-23 14:11:02
Hello , can someone please explain insurance terminology ? What does high deductible ? who should get this and who does not? I'm trying to help my parents buy insurance for them. 51 of Daddy , smoke ... Mom never smoked 50 ( do not drink either) no weight problems. No history of cancer, etc. . I'm not even sure what you are looking for. I have 23 F healthy with no history of disease, etc. . By myself I get the premium high deductible and low? and my parents and high deductible low premium ? I'm so confused I do not know what it all means. I checked some prices on e- HealthInsurance ... You can compare rates .. I gave a series of numbers. I can not decide ! HELP please :) thank u very
High Deductible Health Plan Good or Bad?1 ⿴ 亼 said _X Mom -2012-05-05 22:24:37
I have a new option against a PPO HDHP at work. These are the numbers I've found so far. The last years of his pocket a total of $ 5,700 , including premiums and copayments. The HDHP is offered with all preventive medicine and prescriptions at 100%, $ 1500/3000 deductible and $ 3000/6000 maximum out of pocket. A contribution of $ 2,000 to an HSA by the employer. With the PPO would pay $ 3300 in premiums next year . So I imagine the two together in an HSA would be $ 5300. About $ 3500 of expenses from past years will be covered as preventive under the new plan. So I do not see a net savings of about $ 1800. Something seems too good to be true here. Any state in this way with everything and ready to provide an idea? The family is 40yr 2 years and 3 to 9 years old girls .
Lowest possible deductible for health insurance wanted. Premium may be high?0mazia2012-09-20 18:45:02
My work will reimburse up to $ 480 a month for health insurance . Not provide group coverage , such reimbursement to find mine . The problem I 'm finding is that there is no coverage for me until my deductible . I wonder if there are any health insurance that provides coverage with a deductible of up to $ 1,000 ? I go to the doctor , but I know if I have insurance or not, I 'm going to be paying in full, until they reach the deduction .
What are the advantages and disadvantages of a high-deductible insurance plan?0coolperson2012-06-28 22:45:02
I am looking in to getting insurance that has a high ded. plan and a low ded. plan. What are the advantages and disadvantages??
Considering switching to a High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP) with an HSA, thoughts? Anyone have one?0Jodie2012-05-22 00:10:56
Please help, we are deciding whether to switch to a health insurance plan where the deductible is $ 1500 per person, once it is known that 10% would pay the care costs of the network. The plan could establish an HSA (health savings account) , but we're not sure we want to do this since you are probably trying to get pregnant this year. Does anyone have one of these plans? The advantage is that it costs much less per month in insurance premiums , the downside seems to be the entire record of data involved , besides having to pay medical expenses out of pocket as they arrive , until beyond the deductible $ 1500. So if you're still on the hook for 10% , do not know what would result if one of us needs expensive surgery or something .. if you have a baby, for example , would cost $ 10,000 in a hospital, he would pay $ 1,000 of that (10 %). The plan is about $ 3000 less than a year in monthly premium costs , but it feels like more of a gamble. Please share your experiences or thoughts on these plans . They are physicians who accept these plans as well as those who accept the traditional copay type plans? Or will reduce our network for change?
What are the Pros and Cons of having a high deductible health insurance plan?0SENiOR '092012-08-31 01:43:02
60 years old with person some minor health problems .
Hospital billed me as uninsured when I was currently insured on a high deductible plan, is it better this way?0N-SING-COLL 2012-04-30 15:33:55
So I had a trip to the emergency room recently and I just received my bill . While I was there, she went on the record and put me in the system with information from my insurance, but today when I got my account I see that I was introduced as an uninsured patient . My dilemma is that my insurance policy is a 80/20 in which pay 20 % of my bill after my deductible but I 'm not 100 % sure. My insurance deductible is quite high , $ 7,500 and have not had much money put into it, however , the account of the hospital as a patient without insurance was $ 10,000 and was reduced to $ 3,200 after discount for not having insurance . I read online that for whatever reason hospitals bill uninsured patients inflated amounts for ER trips compared with the prices of insurance bills. I fear that they will bill my insurance from $ 10,000 and you'll pay $ 7,500 , but I have fear that they can bill my insurance a lower amount and I will be paying more than an uninsured patient . My question is: Is it worthwhile for me to have to correct the error and realize that my insurance is cheaper or if I stay mum and pay the bill you sent me ?
Does Medicare plus choice msa require the establishment of a high deductible insurance plan0brave_heart_reza 2012-03-03 22:44:11
Who can get more choice msa require the establishment of an insurance high deductible
Is individual high deductible HMO health insurance plan an exotic thing (New York)?0lida2012-08-12 17:15:03
Hi, I've just moved into USA, central NY and I've been looking for a health insurance. What I need is a high-deductible HMO. Basically I am generally healthy but I want to be insured against major illnesses. The problem is that I've contacted a coulpe of biggest health care companies here and none of them have such plans. Is that some exotic thing that is hard to find? How would you recommend me to look for such insurance?

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