High deductible plan with a high premium!!?

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Asked at 2012-05-06 16:34:22
I think I have the worst insurance in the world. My employer offers a range of different types of insurance, but they all stink . I need a family plan ( I, my husband, my stepson ) and I chose the high-deductible plan with an HSA. I also chose the one that offers an employer match in your HSA contribution . Let me say, just because you have a high deductible that does not mean that you will have a low premium . With my plan, I have to pay $ 210.00 a month just in premiums and an additional $ 124 a month to my HSA to pay my deductible of $ 4,000. I'll never get to that deduction. All the care you need , I'll have to pay the entire amount of my HSA. Our teeth is just as bad. I can pay $ 106 a month for dental care . My company offers a plan with low deductibles , but the premium is much higher than the HDHP with the HSA. We will try to get pregnant next year and wondered what everyone thought about the possibility of dropping the HDHP and goes with high premium , traditional insurance . I want to pay the least amount of insurance and medical expenses.
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Is this a rant ?
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