Health insurance question? (relates to medicare)?

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Asked at 2012-05-06 09:10:17
Medicare is a 1300.00 deductible and pay 80/20 %. Does that mean that after reaching the 1300.00 , then pay 100 %?
Answer1ELI2111Answered at 2012-06-24 02:17:49
There are very few procedures that Medicare pays 100 %. These procedures include home care , palliative care, some laboratory tests and immunizations few.

Medicare Part A is hospitalization . There is a $ 1024 deductible per occurrence . This means that if you go into the hospital 5 times this year you could have, depending on the time , to 5 to cover the deductible.

Medicare Part B physician and outpatient. There is an annual deductible of $ 135 then you pay 20 %. There is a maximum of 20%. In extreme cases, 20% could be tens of thousands of dollars.

The deductible and 20 % you pay is the reason people have a Medicare supplement or Medicare Advantage plan .
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