Does Traveler's Homesaver policy cover damage from tenants?

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Asked at 2012-05-06 05:37:07
I have a policy of HomeSaver traveler , what I was told that is used for rental properties , and the damage they can cause tenants from a property, so I have to pay more than a regular homeowners policy . After a year of payment of this policy , unpretentious , just damage to property of a tenant ( a wall collapsed) , but was denied , because apparently this policy does not cover damage caused by tenants . Is this true ? Please help .
Answer1ClevaAnswered at 2012-05-29 21:27:50
The regulator must send a rejection letter to clearly explain what part of the policy that indicates why damages are not covered.

All owner policies cover damage by tenants if he was under the vandalism. all you have to do is file a police report saying the hat lessee of the property vandalized.

A lot of time making mistakes inexperienced adjusters . call the company says the line and ask to speak to a supervisor or a different adjuster and let them tell you which page of your policy states that vandalism by tenants is not covered.
Answer2MphoAnswered at 2012-07-22 10:28:02
Have you read the policy? Perhaps the wall collapsed for another reason?
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