I failed my drivers Ed class but I've had my permit more then a year now. Ami suppose to take the class again? related questions

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I failed my drivers Ed class but I've had my permit more then a year now. Ami suppose to take the class again?0Who does not pull calf 2012-05-06 04:48:56
Could not drivers education class I've had my permit, what I can do now ?
Can I take onlie class instead of 6 hour drivers lisence class?0cheese 2012-03-06 10:40:52
In Texas you can not know if you can take an online course instead , of course, Inclass . There are many accredited online szaying but do not want WSTE money , I know you have to take the exam in the office and driving course here, but want to get the course over before going in.
Do you need to take a drivers ed class to get your permit?10Haralda2012-06-24 00:49:01
im 16. old enough to get a permit. but I have to have my first Drivers Ed? I understand that in 9 weeks. [I have to take health for one semester after drivers ed ] or I can go to the DMV and ask them to take a permit test ? I live in Las Vegas. if that helps at all. :] Besides having drivers ed , what else do I need to take the exam? help? Thank you. :]
Do I need to take a drivers ed class to to get my permit at 16?0rinley2012-04-25 21:08:43
I am turning 16 on February 23 and want to know if I have to take a drivers education class to take the written test to get my permission . I have heard of this class of Drivers Ed is very expensive. I live in Indianapolis, Indiana. If possible, Can you refer me to a website or a price estimate of the class or the test? Please and thank you.
Do you have to take a class in order to get a drivers permit?0Don2012-05-08 11:34:10
Does it have to take a class to get a drivers license ?
How to get your permit without taking the Drivers Ed class?11Lucie2012-07-05 19:59:02
Since I can not pay the drivers ed class to get my permission , Is it possible for me to study only the book and do the test because I'm only 15 and I can not take the exam for my lisence ?
I'm taking a class to get drivers permit need a serious question.?3The a1-,? -2012-02-27 19:42:07
Okay so I'm taking a class tomorrow to get my permission. It is an eight-hour class consists of films and notes. At the end of it we have a test with about 50 problems on it. Now my friends say that no matter what proof is obtained that permission is always obtained . The class is approximately $ 300. My friends also said the level manually at the end of the test . One of my friends said that he thinks that if you do not get permission and you have to pay $ 300 again to pass the course. It has to happen for classes how are you ? Please respond to someone!
California drivers permit-do i need to take photo to class?0Lisa2012-01-30 13:43:13
Having my first driving lesson tomorrow (in California ) I have my permission. --- I was wondering if when I take my leave me in the car tomorrow , do I have my photo I took at the DMV is credited ? I have the picture but not my real license ... their reception in which the first time I took my permit test . (I took two times) help .... Is it necessary to take a picture with me?
If i have taken drivers ed classes, but not the behind the wheel class. can i get my permit now?0Pauline2012-06-05 15:27:48
I really want my license before my 16th birthday, which is in 16 days. Do I have to go to the DMV now that I finished my classes? Or do I enroll in the classes behind the wheel before I go? I need the answer ASAP. Thanks :)
Do you need to be enrolled in a drivers ed class to register for a drivers permit in Illinois?2Dwigh2017-11-15 00:09:59
I live in Cook County to be specific. I have 15 years and wanted to know if I have to be enrolled in a drivers ed class to take the test for my permit.
I'm 22 and i dont know how to drive do i have to get a drivers permit first or inroll in a class?4Jenny2012-10-23 17:37:02
I have 22 years and I can not handle what I have to get a first or allow drivers inroll in a class?
I'm turning 16 in 24 days and I want to know If I have to take a drivers class in order to get my permit?0 ⿴ 亼 said _X Mom -2012-06-02 06:57:33
I live in Chicago, Illinois

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