Difference between insurance Broker and Agent? related questions

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Is it any difference between Insurance agent and broker?1pikachu 2012-08-31 21:10:03
Is the difference between the agent and insurance broker ?
Difference between insurance Broker and Agent?1George2012-05-09 11:24:34
What are the pros and cons of being an agent or broker in insdustry life insurance ? I just spent my life and health exam and I'm looking for options here ? I do not know if I should go as the exclusive agent or a broker ? can someone tell me what are the advantages and disadvantages? For each position?
I'm researching insurance producers. What's the difference between an agent and a broker?2Kuala Lumpur2012-08-31 06:08:03
I'm investigating insurance producers . What is the difference between an agent and a broker ?
What is the difference between an insurance agent who sells products from several companies, and a broker?1Christophe2012-10-27 15:04:44
I sondernig if I need a broker's license if I'm going to be an agent of an agency. Thanks for taking the time to respond .. I appreciate it.
Which of the following most accurately describes the difference between a discount broker and a full-service broker12- / ミ letter ɡ. the equipment 2018-02-05 08:21:06
Which of the following most accurately describes the difference between a discount broker and a full service broker
What is the difference between insurance broker and insurance agent0Davi2012-03-16 11:36:36
What is the difference between insurance broker and insurance agent
What is the difference between a buying agent, middleman, commission agent, international trader, sourcing agent, etc.?10Eldred2012-05-18 13:15:46
I've been reading a lot of messages about how to be a purchasing agent , broker , agent, operator of international sources, etc . However, the distinction seems to be the best vauge . What really the differences between these two positions? ? For me, a buying agent and sourcing agent is the same. They act and represent the buyer in our country or territory in search of qualified suppliers for the buyer to order / buy. They fee is based on the commission agreed with the buyer. intermediaries , brokers , international traders on the other hand look for final buyers and suppliers and try to put a business together. They get their fees from the make up they put on the seller's price before passing the final buyer. All these need to know how and experence not to mention an appetite for a certain amount of risk . As with other companies, a thorough study should be done. By this I mean that he / she has a deep knowledge , experience, etc. before even thinking about getting into the business. Coping with the import and export can be a good source of income, but only if the person is prepared . An experienced mentor or to be the best in my opinion. I'm not calling anyone, but it seems that many people trying to get into this without the least idea how to proceed and just try to "wing it ". would appreciate the opinion of others .
Could one be a better performer as an independant agent-broker, than an agent working for a direct company?1Erin2012-05-25 10:40:27
It can not succeed in continuing my contract with a direct marketing company . I am a captive ( or exclusive) agent and still fairly new (in the first two years ) for business and have some money to invest. I just feel I can be able to get out on my own and do much better. I have not taken advantage of my best resources as clients, because I've been trying to use company resources to some extent lead me - to see if this arrangement works even for me. I look to more experienced agents and see what can not be as lucrative , being a direct marketing company , as previously thought . My goal is to have my own office, part of the city I love , and decent (if not great ) income . I am ambitious , but there are a lot of infighting and the company can make things very difficult to progress in many ways. The company's online appointment system / billing is quite complicated and not particularly well facilitates sales . At the end of this contract (which expires soon, if I can not meet the quota) , it may be better for me to establish my own brokerage. Will I be seen as someone who could not do with ** direct business and probably will not do it myself? Am I really not likely to do it myself? I have a lot of effort to go.
, Is there a difference between a real estate agent and a real estate broker?0Bella2012-04-27 12:03:06
Is there any difference between a realtor and a real estate agent ?
How should an insurance agent compensate a real estate broker that refers business to the insurance agent?1Bhutan2012-08-05 16:28:02
Do I need to share the commission in the insurance business that were not generated any other way?
What is the difference between an insurance company and a broker1Edward2011-12-27 11:41:17
What is the difference between an insurance company and agent of a
How to get bonded as an insurance agent/broker?0Deep2012-05-25 23:21:48
for life and health. How much does this cost and how difficult it is to qualify? No one is turned away and why?

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