Difference between insurance Broker and Agent?

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Asked at 2012-05-05 23:12:28
What are the pros and cons of being an agent or broker
in insdustry life insurance ?
I just spent my life and health exam and I'm looking for options here ?
I do not know if I should go as the exclusive agent or a broker ?
can someone tell me what are the advantages and disadvantages?

For each position?
Answer1QuennaAnswered at 2012-05-09 11:24:34
This is a difficult question in the life insurance industry . Generally, first-line agents are the people who deal with the public . If you do not have direct contracts from the agency, they write that insurance through a broker .

Cool in the industry , you should probably work in a brokerage in the first place. You will learn about the industry and product options out there. Once you have a good understanding of your products, you can try to sell them.

Brokerages want individuals with experience, while companies that make direct appointments are fine with the rookies. But how can you sell if you do not know about the products . This is a chicken and egg situation .
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