Lost items in fire in my apartment, it wasn't my fault. Will I get my items paid for by his insurance company? related questions

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Lost items in fire in my apartment, it wasn't my fault. Will I get my items paid for by his insurance company?2Japan has been 'thinking 2012-05-23 11:39:27
I live in an apartment building of 2 floors. The man above my house had a fire in your dryer. (' Cause- dryer ' fire report states ) that only have a responsibility for me, but he only has liability insurance but has yet to cover my damaged items. Your insurance with State Farm says its lease, which was to cause the fire neglegent so not their fault . The report also indicates that the heat from the fire , the apartments in charge (including mine) has water and smoke damage . What I can do or say to my State Farm damaged material must be paid for them. I understand they are trying to get out of it, that's their job , of course, but that sounds like a long way. Any ideas ? Thanks And I'm talking to people that have to do with insurance and legal persons) , but no general counseling experience can give me ideas. Thank you.
Should i double the value of all items lost in a house fire?0mj2012-09-23 04:13:02
pay coinsurance for what you paid for the content of their work or just a depreciated value
Should I get reimbursed for personal items lost in fire of rented beach house?0Yuku2012-10-11 14:52:24
Some friends and I rented a beach house for two nights for prom . The second day ( the days between the two nights ) an electrical fire broke out due to bad wiring and destroyed everything . The owner says it must come from our own personal home insurance . Do we get our money back from your insurance or ours? It was in no way our fault. This happened in Tybee Island , Georgia .
Can you add certain items like expensive items like cameras and phone to your homeowners policy?2infamous rj 2012-06-06 08:14:37
if tyou add something like a more expensive digital SLR camera or iPhone to your insurance policy covers the damage? Beyond the house if your burnds down or something ..... say as dropping ?
Does the insurance company enter serial numbers of lost items into a database?0Kamilah2012-06-30 10:23:02
I recently had a burgulary at home and complained to my insurance company. I thought my laptop was stolen and gave them the serial number so it can be replaced. They replaced it , but my sister recently told me that she actually borrowed my laptop. If I were to take my laptop for repair , which run the serial number and think it was stolen. FYI - that did not report the serial number to the local police. So my question is : Does the insurance company to inform the police or do not report to some sort of national database ? I would keep the two laptops.
Does apartment insurance cover for stolen ten ant items0Niki2012-02-21 00:10:24
Does the insurance department for ten-point robbery of ants
Which of these items can be deducted in my 1040?Or if not where can I go to see which items are deductible?0Christina2012-08-04 14:15:02
dental bills medical bills hearing aid toothpaste and other toiletries family health insurance prescription drugs back brace real estate taxes state balance due for 2006 return paid in 2008 goodwill contribution(clothing fmv) atletic club memebership church donaltions(no single amount over 250) personal property taxes neighborhood civic leage
Can someone else claim your items on their insurance after a fire?0maryfae2012-06-22 06:34:24
I just want to know the answer to my own knowledge. My mother's barn burned down. I had my children, 4 -wheel jeep and the small engine in that country. She told them in his safe. She paid for them , but never replaced. used the money he got for all things (many not his own ) to build a new barn, because his own barn was not covered . So we lost our stuff, and never replaced it. I am sure we are well beyond the statute of limitations now. because we kept getting promises for a replacement , and then did not. I never really thought my mother my children fasten over style. Is this the kind of thing that everyone would have to submit an application for insurance ? or she was right in saying that all his belongings and getting paid for it. I'm thinking I should have been the other way we present our own demand. I just want to know in case something like this ( God forbid ) happen again. Thank you !
If your house was on fire and you could save only 3 items what would they be?9Whack Attack 2012-07-18 13:24:02
If your house was on fire and you could save just 3 points what are they?
How much do insurer's depreciate value of items in case of a fire?1Chal2012-10-04 00:16:02
I live in St. Louis , MO and I have a picture and written documentation of everything that I own .
Why must items valued at more than a specified amount be separately specified in a fire policy for a business?0wall lizard2012-06-23 17:53:33
What kind of articles this requirement also applies ?
Our house caught fire, Insurance Co wants "declared items" list. Help!!! 10pts?0llama2012-06-01 06:42:52
I do not know what I'm doing. OK , we all know that the insurance company will try to pay as little as possible on our list of declared items (furniture , kitchen items , clothing , etc). I started an Excel spreadsheet detailing everything I can remember and evaluate a replacement value for a "new" way ( because I have to go shopping again). I know they will want to crush me and gives me less than you can buy and I'll be in the hole ... is anyone out there with experience in the presentation of a list like this , or have any advice for me about how to deal with this in the best way? Again, I do not know what I'm doing and I feel very overwhelmed.

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