If someone is overweight and have high blood pressure, can they get medical insurance?

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Asked at 2012-05-04 17:12:28
If a person is overweight and has high blood pressure can get health insurance . They are in the blood pressure medicine . Would an immediate denial of insurance because of high blood pressure is pre -existing .

Also, if a person has insurance and has been diagnosed with a medical condition the insurance company can suddenly fall into the insurance.

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Answer1HoneyAnswered at 2012-05-06 21:50:41
Is on the BMI ( body mass index ). Insurance companies people start to fall around a BMI of 30, although some go higher. If you have a BMI over 40, then you are quite looking for a high-risk plan . You can find a BMI chart on the Internet, but if you are 30 years or more is obese. It just depends on how obese until declines.

It also has a factor in hypertension , or you could have a BMI of 25 and high pressure was reduced , if not under control. However, in many cases, obesity is the cause of high blood pressure.
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