My license is suspended in a different state than I live now. Can I clear it up without going back? related questions

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My license is suspended in a different state than I live now. Can I clear it up without going back?1Mile2012-06-23 11:04:16
My license was suspended for not completing community service. Is there any way to clear it without having to drive about 1,000 miles back to that state ?
Do i still need to complete SATOP in order to get my driver's license back even though i live in another state?0anteater2012-05-07 05:14:44
I received a DUI in Missouri, but I'm thinking of moving to another state. I did not complete the SATOP program mandatory in Missouri. My question is if I move to another state , I will be able to get my license away without having to complete SATOP ?
If 1 drivers license is suspended but have a valid 1 in another state, am I able to get the valid one back ?3 m1ng-3. -2012-03-07 02:08:02
I recently had my license suspended, but never filed for residency in that state, since technically im still a resident of the state before I can not get the old back?
If you move to another state, and your lisence is suspended in MI, can you get in back in your new state?0Frederi2012-02-27 04:55:52
If you move to another state, and their lisence is suspended in MI, you can get back in your new state ?
If my license is suspended in PA, will I be able to get one in NC now that I live here?0keron2012-08-02 21:20:03
I paid all the fines off, but it's suspended by PA for 3 months for not having insurance on a crap *** motorcycle.
Caught driving on suspended license twice, if you reinstate your license before court? live in OC,CALI?0-WinteR2012-05-05 08:43:42
is that just more fines ? or will within a few days in jail if I can do on the weekends since I work full time and attend school full time .. thanks in advance
Can you move to another state and get a drivers license if you are suspended in your home state?2tomcat2012-04-09 17:36:56
Please make an arguement between my friend and me She moves to another state because it is suspended here. She is leaving a good job and family. I think with today's technology , it is not possible.
Spouse suspended license, live together, can I get auto insurance?0DaLoris2012-10-07 15:24:28
Actually , my son , who has a suspended license . The policy was canceled my daughter and she wants to start a new policy , but she says that touch any insurance company because she lives with someone with a suspended license . Is this real ? Sounds like a bunch of hogs wash me. She lives in Massachusetts .
If your drivers license is suspended in one state, can you get a different one if you move to another state?7Allard2012-06-10 11:15:37
If your license is suspended in a state , you can get a different one if you move to another state?
My nys license is says there is an out of state do i find out which state ?0Afra2012-01-28 20:54:20
How I can find out what state the call ? thanks
MY Pennsylvania License is suspended How do I get it back?0Jacqueline2011-12-29 00:21:06
She was suspended last August and was suspended for one year. Who do I call to retrieve it or what should I do? Is it easy ? Thank you !
Cops took my car, for suspended license?can i get it back?3 ミ ミ Weinaifengsuo -2012-02-12 18:54:56
i will stop for a brake light burned out, and when the police run my license happens to be suspended without pay for a ticket , I pay the ticket the same day and got my license back , but the police towed my car and I said he could not get up to 30 days , I live in San Diego , California, is the way it can recover before?

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