Body damage on top of body damage due to no fault accident? related questions

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Body damage on top of body damage due to no fault accident?0Deep2012-05-03 18:00:46
On Sunday night I was waiting to turn right . A van in front of me did not see me and went in reverse so it hit my car. There are some minor damage to the bumper and grille , along w / a piece of plastic near the latch to open the hood. That part was broken. I rear ended someone several years ago and never had the opportunity to have the car repaired. With this new accident, the insurance company will be in the ruling party tell me that is not covered because the existing damage ? I called my insurance company to report the accident. The other party agreed to pay for damages out of pocket. He would like me to go w / a friend who has a body shop. What insurance companies usually in a case where there are already existing damage on the vehicle ? Does the body shop say they will not fix it there and cause damage?
Can you determine who's at fault in a car accident based on the body damage?1사람이나 사물2012-04-17 05:04:19
I got into a car accident and damaged my car is in the back door and just would 've only been in the front fender driver side if you do not hit a light pole. You can determine who is at fault for the damage only ?
If you are at fault for an accident but there is no body damage on either vehicle should you still report it to your insurance just in case1u_r_fat 2012-04-26 07:15:01
If you are at fault in an accident , but no damage to the bodywork of any vehicle in case you still tell your insurance if
Can you use insurance (full coverage) to fix body damage on a car or motorcycle that's not from an accident?0arielle2012-10-10 14:15:04
Can you use the insurance ( full coverage ) to fix body damage to a car or a bike that is not an accident ?
Car damage done by auto body shop?1Jessie2012-10-13 18:45:03
Recently I was rear ended on the freeway on the way home from work. His insurance company paid for repairs and my rent. Well, leaving the body shop where my boyfriend took the car, the hood flew on the interstate. The bell is broken now and is being towed back to the store. However, the shop is saying that because the damage was fixed later that his was no way I would have anywhere to open the hood and are not responsible ! ¿ I can fight to make them pay for it ?
Hit a deer, just body damage, cost estimate?0seddy2012-09-13 16:33:02
Finally I hit a deer ... is like a coming of age event in Wyoming. It was a decent sized whitetail buck , nothing less . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Anyway, back end of the deer hit the left corner of my truck Nissan Frontier 2010 . I do not even I have the slightest idea about car stuff , but my best friend's husband ( an auto mechanic ) looked very fast last night. The bumpers , grille, headlights and a bucket to be replaced and the fender has some scratches , but he said it 's all just body damage and could have been much worse . Even the lighthouse works well , and all the damage that is right in the bottom left corner . But it is estimated that it would cost about $ 3500 to get it fixed if I did not go through insurance ! MedlinePlus MedlinePlus So it would be a reasonable budget ? He said it should be only those three parties , more time and work and all that. I'll drive around and try to get some quotes Monday morning before I call safe . I'd rather get it fixed without messing with the sure if I can afford it . Definitely could afford maybe $ 1500 and under , but probably not $ 3500. And if it makes a difference , I have current auto insurance with USAA ( my husband is an army officer ... now in Afghanistan ) . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Advice? Any idea how much it might cost?
My car is totaled can I insure it all the damage is body work?1Kris2012-09-17 01:58:03
My car was totaled I can assure that all damage is body work ?
Car body damage - insurance company - how to deal wtih this?0JANIAH2012-10-08 05:48:33
how to deal with this. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I parked my car yesterday outside a mall .. without knowing that it is a private property . I got towed ... and I had to pay $ 180 to get it back . MedlinePlus Now found some minor body damage in the front car. how to deal with this wtih .. when I called my company insuracen to file a claim , ask me to work first with the towing company because they feel that if I go by my insurnace , then I end up wtih deductible cost .. not worth it .. What do you mean ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus how to treat this with the towing company ... I really do not want to go through this hassle and I have my work in the insurance company with the towing company and your insurance company to demand
Are auto body parts that are taken off covered by insurance for wind damage?0Ryan2012-07-19 18:04:02
I was changing my fuuel pump on my truck. we went to bed and stayed until striaght on the lawn. not done immediately. it was a couple of days before I got the new pump. one of those nights that passed over the bed rails and adjusted a bit. Id hate to complain and say it's their fault and raise my insurance premiums. I have full collision.
Car tire blew, causes massive body damage. Insurance claim?2nameeter2012-04-29 13:59:00
A car tire exploded sending pieces of rubber on all sides. It sheared off the edge of the bumper and made ​​a few dents. Maybe not the massive body damage , but much more than what I've seen in a flat tire. Could car insurance cover? Is no collision. Integral? Or say it is part of the car repair, bad luck?
Does auto insurance usually cover body damage caused by a tire blow out1Le2012-10-28 12:33:28
Does car insurance usually covers damage caused by a body blow tires
Will my uninsured property damage vehicle insurance cover body shops sloppy buffing?3Dora2012-04-30 11:33:13
Will my uninsured damage property insurance cover vehicle repair shops polished neglected? Took my car to get a glossy finish on the car and remove stains from errors and Body Shop ended remove paint from my defenses with buffer. Now I would like repair your car so I can help reduce the cost of this insurance by stating that vandalism ?

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