Is it possible to collect SOCIAL SECURITY benefits and NOT be enrolled in MEDICARE at all? related questions

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Is it possible to collect SOCIAL SECURITY benefits and NOT be enrolled in MEDICARE at all?4Bing2012-07-31 14:15:55
I obviously want to keep benifits RECEPTION Social Security , but Medicare has really messed my enrollment in TRICARE Prime. I have Medicare Part "A", but rejected the "B". Now what I want to enroll in TRICARE Prime, I have to pay a premium ad wait unti next year before it can join. It was much easier before I collected Social Security , because he was enrolled in Prime before and just pay quarterly premiums . Then when I started collecting Social Security , who was expelled from TRICARE Prime, because I did not know what he was doing at that time and discharged in the " B" of Medicare. So, if I could , I would prefer something completely get rid of Medicare if I can , so you can re-qualify for TRICARE Prime and pay that much for a month. Can it be done ? Thank you.
Can Medicare and Social Security benefits be affected by somones income or life insurance?4Michelle B 2012-10-15 10:45:03
I wonder if because my grandparents are from Social Security and Medicare can receive a large sum of money that I want to do a business transaction . My mother says it is likely to get their coverage revoked and may even have the money taken to pay all costs of their medical needs that the government has already paid. Is this possible ?
Social Security. Can a spouse also collect?1Andrea2012-06-14 21:07:59
By this I mean the wife of a husband who is collecting Social Security . Now , she never had a job and therefore not paid for the SS system . Is it still possible that she would be able to collect SS somehow a certain age ? Thanks for your answers!
Can you collect social security from a dead spouse?2기관 등의 이름에 나타나는 명사 2012-06-21 08:44:21
My aunts husband died several years ago and fell into a deep depression at its main Wich forclosing losing his job and his house is now homeless and living in my basement sisters that she is now even more depressed that you can collect social security
I am nearing 62. Do you think I should collect Social Security at 62, or wait? Why? Anyone done this?2Ignatius2012-09-14 11:05:03
I'm about 62. You think I should collect Social Security at age 62 or wait ? Why? Any person who did this ?
Will my daughter be able to collect social security insurance/ disability?0Gigi d' Agostino 6 troppo forte;)!!!!! 2012-05-21 08:09:52
My daughter will be born with spina bifida. Since there is a possibility that she was disabled I was curious if you are considered disabled when and if she is able to collect the insurance of social security / disability ? I live in Washington state , if it makes a difference.
Can I collect Social Security Disabilty for Nintendo Thumb?1Viola2012-05-20 23:19:02
In his youth he played so much Nintendo. I was fat and the school nurse told me I needed a bra.
Can you collect Social Security earlier than your scheduled date?3Noa2012-10-07 10:30:03
If so , what happens ?
At age 62 can you collect social security and work a 40hr week?1colour word2012-11-05 03:14:02
At age 62 can collect social security and 40hr work week ?
If you become disabled on the job and collect workers compensation does it end and social security pick up1furious 2012-01-11 00:51:19
If you become disabled at work and receiving workers compensation does end safety and social gathering
Social Security disability medicare question?2Chapman2012-06-14 16:55:35
My husband just received his first social security disability payment I think is the retroactive payment of 6-12 months (not sure because it has not received notification of approval , the deposit has just appeared in your account at today). He has been on long term disability through her ​​work for over a year and have been paying COBRA - $ 600.00 per month for 14 months. We have more than 4 months of COBRA eligibility and then have no health insurance . My company does not offer. Medical expenses and prescriptions will cost more than $ 600.00 per month once you finish Cobra. My question is when does Medicare start covering him? He is only 58 now. Please do not respond if you do not know, and I have looked on the web - sites I'm just trying to confirm what seems to me. Thank you !
Question about Social Security, Medicare, Insurance?1Malaysia2012-05-12 07:37:02
I currently work, and have Medicare Part A. I have Blue Cross Blue Shield through my company and pay about $ 320.00 per month, my company also pays $ 320.00 per month. $ 640.00 per month is excessive. Will the Medicare Part B need to remove my insurance company?

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