How many times can you take the drivers test (not permit test) and fail? What happens after you fail? related questions

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How many times can you take the drivers test (not permit test) and fail? What happens after you fail?1NEXT_OF_KIN 2012-05-14 06:03:19
I live in Missouri I have 16 years, I failed once and I worry about how many times can fail and what happens after that many times not?
Will I fail the drivers permit test if I fail this?2Yumiko2012-04-17 01:21:59
So now I have poor vision and wonder. If I pass my drivers license test , but not the eye exam I have to go to take it again? Counted as a failure to pass the whole thing right?
Anyone fail there drivers test 3 times?9Betsy2017-06-15 03:58:35
I failed 3 times! the first 2 times I went to 10 miles below the speed limit as automatic failure . The last time was because I have 19 errors when the highest you can get is 15. Anyone have advice, I've practiced a LOT . over 100 hourrss ! any person in the same situation now, or never? What I can do to help me.please help!
How many times did you fail your drivers test?0Maxiline2012-06-19 19:51:44
Just randomly wondering who else has failed there test drivers more than once lol.
How many times did you fail your written drivers test?2Olaf2012-05-02 00:05:06
How many times you fail the written drivers test ?
If I fail my drivers test 3 times in PA do I have to wait six months?4J2018-10-03 22:46:59
If I fail my drivers test three times in Pennsylvania that I know you have to reapply for permission, but you have to wait 6 months again ?
Isit true in WI if you fail 3 times on your drivers road test you have to retake drivers ed or wait til ur 18?2Isaac2018-10-03 22:48:01
iam 16 I failed my drivers test twice and I keep hearing people who have to retake drivers ed if not 3 times behind my stories are really stupid and even people told me im a good driver but I could not pass, I have not understood and said nothing wedsite so does anyone know for sure or what happened ?
What happens if you fail your drivers permit test the first time?1India2012-07-19 00:32:03
Does anyone know how many prblems you have get wrong on a drivers permit test to fail??0Messiah 2012-03-03 02:34:18
Today I took my drivers test allows 28 questions in total 15 questions were signs . I know I looked at the signs. someone can help me
In new Jersey if you fail the drivers written test twice do you have to pay for another permit?0Ogde2012-05-14 02:20:04
¿ I can take the exam or do I have to pay for another permit to re-take the test again ?
What happens if i fail my driving test 3 times?4Messiah 2012-04-24 02:12:06
I live in NH and I failed my written test and once my driving test once. What if I fail the driving test again? Not that I'm a bad driver. I know I am a great driver and way better then my friends. I just get nervous when taking tests .
How many times can you fail the nj license test?0colour word2012-01-03 13:00:00
Im writing withthe much , but when I did the written part that the first two times and come back in two weeks. The first time it was not because I left on the curb while parallel parking, and the second volume was just bad I went through a stop sign, parallel parking was fine, no turn signals k , and backup and click sidewalk, so why isit made ​​me worse the second time? How many times can you fail the test before having to wait like 64920274 years to take it again ?

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