Which company/s renews mediclaim policy for lifetime?Please explain LIC Health plus policy? related questions

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Which company/s renews mediclaim policy for lifetime?Please explain LIC Health plus policy?3mole2012-09-03 06:15:03
Provided there is no fraudulent claims.What is the difference between Health and Health Protection Plus Plus of LIC ?
Hi, I want to know what the best health insurance policy for Indivisual Best company also family.and health insuranace india.Cover between 5lack.I 3lack of '24 wants to buy one.I m , M , Mumbai.
How long do I have after a home insurance policy renews to cancel without penalty?0dove2012-05-28 14:29:27
How much time do I have after my home insurance policy renewal is sent to me and requesting payment for new effective dates to cancel without penalty or fee ?
Is there any mediclaim policy/health insurance out there which covers cosmetic surgeries such as breast reduct04th grade2012-07-28 22:20:59
ion its a health problem because my breasts are too big for my body typ? or does any programs cover the cost fo this surgery.
Tax on the returns from ICICI LifeTime Policy?1rattlesnake2012-11-05 06:20:02
Hello , I have ICICI " Lifetime " plicy which is more than 3 years . I have the intention to surrender the policy now. Do I have to pay taxes for the return of this policy? If yes , what percentage? Greetings, Jerry
Having ICICI Prudential Lifetime II Life Insurance Policy?0Madison2012-08-19 18:45:03
I am investing 18000/- per year on Lifetime II policy of ICICI prudential for the last 3 yrs. I have put 80% into the maximiser and 20% into the balancer funds. Somehow recently i figured out that the maturity date of this policy is 2079 which is totally absurd (understanbly the agent cheated me). Could you please help me understand how i can get benefit out this policy , like when can i take advantage of the returns from the maximiser and balancer funds (when can i withdraw them), as i believe there is no point in paying Rs. 18000 per year for the rest of my life. Any suggestions or help is highly appreciated. (Kindly reply me back if my question does not appear to be clear). Thanks
Can ne1 help me for mediclaim policy?2Victoria2012-08-17 10:41:03
NE1 can help me for Mediclaim policy ? i m frm Pune. shaikhMI@ymail.com
Best mediclaim policy?2Wallis2012-07-26 10:40:03
HI , I am planning to take Mediclaim policy of government-owned companies say the National Insurance , New India Insurance , insurance, etc. East , due to the settlement of the claim and no hidden conditions However, the time dependence of offering more facilities than government enterprises Mediclaim , what is the best interms of settling claims , network services and hospitals ? I am in Chennai ( Madras ) users of the company Mediclaim others also share their experiences please. thanks
Which is the best mediclaim policy?0goose2012-05-27 14:14:44
What is the best Mediclaim policy ?
Best mediclaim policy?0permicouas2012-06-28 11:25:02
Pls suggest the best policy claim .... for the best service ..
Which is best mediclaim policy for family?4Nicky2012-06-12 18:32:51
I take Mediclaim policy , my mother has a Diabeties , we have a son. we are a healthy one. please suggest me best policy
Questions about getting mediclaim policy?1Edmun2012-06-04 21:34:44
Can you tell me if the choice of opting for the TPA (Third Party Administrator) is good or not ? How do you decide ? Apparently , it seems that some companies give discounts on the premium if the option is not selected by TPA customers. In this way, appears to be beneficial. I also heard that in some cases, the TPA creates problem in allowing insurance coverage at the time of hospitalization cashless . What is your opinion? Second, in the case of public sector companies that offer Mediclaim , is required for policy making from an authorized agent or you may get policy done directly from the branch? Which is better , if both options are open ?

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