How do I resolve my insurance problem? please Help?

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Asked at 2012-05-01 19:37:37
So last year on my birthday, turned 22 , that under the laws of age with disabilities that I am covered by my parents' insurance . Health reform was passed last year allows students to be covered by your parents' insurance until age 26. The co -insurance. We were supposed to submit forms to fill the end of January 1 would be covered me plan my parents again . We never had the forms in the mail, and now I'm covered and apparently, not my parents open enrollment is not until November to January next year. How are now? The insurance company will not even talk to me when I call because I do not get through the automatic w my Social Security number and the number of members , and says I'm not a member. I can not find anything on the website or anything else. What should I do
Answer1AddisoAnswered at 2012-05-06 21:03:01
First, I would suggest that your parents contact your Human Resources department (if
Answer2RobertAnswered at 2012-05-09 17:50:32
His father calls the insurance company resolves that does not
Answer3blackbirdAnswered at 2012-05-22 22:45:02
Where did your parents buy your insurance? If they had an agent who had a local office, then you can physically go to the office. If not, then get your parents to call - you can use your membership number and such, because it is still covered, and once they get through then you can talk with the company about you. The other alternative is to contact the agency through its main number - that should be on your website. The uninsured buy insurance at all times, and companies have a major number of people who want to buy insurance. Once a person to answer, then you can transfer, and also tell you the number to call . In addition, the full name of all that talk (either full name or company ID ) and then put everything in writing, and write a letter to the company in which he explained how they were supposed to send the forms but did not and they have not been able to reach them , and also mention you spoke over the phone. Send this letter return receipt requested, so if there is a problem , you can prove that they did. Good luck .
Answer4i love youAnswered at 2012-06-15 17:35:21
Have you tried to talk the insurance that go back to your plan?

I mean it's not your fault that you never sent the form! So we must be responsible and will be covering at this time.

Call them and express that if time had been formed in this case the date would not have occurred and would be covered now.

Coverage should be given at this time , since it is their fault is not covered now.

I hope everything is resolved !
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