With someone's license plate number, can one find out the car's owner?

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Asked at 2011-12-31 03:39:05
With the number one plate , you can find the owner of the car?
Answer1Boo Answered at 2012-01-01 13:27:59
This information is not limited to the public in general, and for good reason. So unless you are a law enforcement agent , the towing company with actual possession , or an insurance company with a lawsuit against the vehicle , NO.
Answer2YolandaAnswered at 2012-01-02 22:32:23
You can find the registered owner and public information
Answer3Demonlord Answered at 2012-01-02 22:46:57
Does anyone know the url or the name of one of these free services?
Answer4ForAnswered at 2012-01-07 17:14:15
No, not information provided to the public , with good reason.
Answer5Sister. ° Answered at 2012-01-17 06:59:43
Yes you can and it's easier than you think. Just because something is illegal does not mean you can not access if you know the right people.

Remember there is always someone who knows someone who knows a guy who may know things about you and use it against you.

Not much you can do to defend against a person who is determined to cause harm.
Answer6Manic Psycho Answered at 2012-02-10 17:06:41
You can find out the owners name and address. This is public information. There are websites you can search this for you. ( For a fee, of course), but you can find this information
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