With homeowners insurance, are closing costs for a new house considered adjusted living expense? related questions

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With homeowners insurance, are closing costs for a new house considered adjusted living expense?2hog2012-05-14 04:33:05
I lost my home in Joplin, MO tornado. It was destroyed , leveled, declined. The Foundation was the only thing , in part. What closing costs to buy or build a new house is considered a " tight" living expenses ? For me, I would say yes to the only factor that normally would not have been in this position if I did not lose my house. Thanks in advance!
The data below shows closing costs for a purchase of a $364,000 house requiring a 20% down payment:?0taarek2012-08-03 18:15:02
The data below shows closing costs for a purchase of a $364,000 house requiring a 20% down payment: Title insurance premium: $225 Document recording fee: $30 Loan fee (1 point) Appraisal fee: $225 Prorated property taxes: $651 Prorated insurance premium: $300 What is the loan fee? What is the total closing cost?
What is the living costs in Singapore? mainly Health insurance, taxes, renting appartment & energy/water costs1Thanks, drwls2012-09-07 11:15:02
I am planing to move to Singapore and need to have an idea of the living cost in Sincapore for a sinlge person. Mainly looking for answers regarding: Salary income taxes level for persons not from Singapore, but with Singaporian contracts? If there is private of "publich/social" Health insurance costs, what may be the cost of an avarage coverage for healthy males? Cost of renting appartment (rental cost, service cost of buldings, parking slots, energy and water consumption cost, etc. Phone and fast internet connection monthly fees (excluding the usage. Just the monthly connection fees) Thank you in advance for any answers related to the above questions.
What does the Additional Living Expense cover?0 Taiwan2012-05-01 17:37:10
What does the additional cost be?
I need help with figuring out closing costs!?0karie2012-08-04 04:15:02
I am a home buyer first time and am closing on my house on Friday. I need to know about how much you should expect to take (not including the down payment) . I do not know what are my closing costs be the same as others who need 6 months of property taxes and 2 months worth of homeowner's insurance escrow . Is there a percentage of the selling price should be ? How about the official fees , title fees , etc. .. Another random information , the house is in northern Illinois, who bought it for $ 285,000 and have already put $ 10,000 in earnest money .... Any advice / idea will be greatly appreciated !
Closing costs on a mortgage?1Godfer2012-08-25 15:37:18
If I have the closing costs rolled into the mortgage, will I have to write a check for anything at all at the time of closing? Also, for the first time, I have the property taxes and home owner's insurance in escrow.
How much should we save for closing costs?0Jayna2012-07-27 14:02:02
If the purchase price of the property is $130K, and we have $4000 for a down payment, then how do we calculate how much we should be saving for the closing costs? How are the closing costs calculated?!!?? 5% 10% 20%???? What if we found a seller who is willing to pay for the closing costs?? what are FEES are we expected to pay when purchasing a $130K value home?? insurance? how is that calculated?? I need to know these things, coz right now we have saved only for the down payment ($4000) and not insurance or closing costs.
Is auto insurance considered a household expense during a divorce?0ALAYAH2012-08-10 17:38:02
My husband and I are separated , and I have a restraining order , which went to court and were given possession of the vehicles we drive regularly. I was given possession of the house and custody of children. He spoke of things with your lawyer and the end not to challenge the protective order, but not admit mistakes, and offered to pay $ 240 more than requested . When we gave the children for the visit, said the extra money was for me to continue to pay insurance for their vehicles. One is a bike that costs more to insure our home. I think I should be responsible for ensuring the car home and I have the possession of, and should be responsible for your own car insurance . Has anyone tried to shit like this before? In addition , your insurance is automatically deducted from our joint bank account , which empyied when we left , and I've had to put money there to cover the overdraft that caused it.
Estimated closing costs on $64,900 home.?0pagapulan2012-10-03 17:02:42
I was pre - approved for a loan and found a cheaper . Can anyone tell me the estimated closing costs for a home at this price ? MedlinePlus The house is located in Pennsylvania MedlinePlus Taxes are $ 1,697 per year MedlinePlus The homeowners insurance estimate is $ 480 per year . MedlinePlus Does anyone know anything more about this. MedlinePlus Serious answers please.
What "hidden" costs should I be aware of at closing?2Trac2012-11-03 22:09:02
My husband and I are going to close next week on our 1st home! People tell us that we will be in sticker shock and surprised about some of the fees. Besides the taxes (escrow), home insurance, attorney fees and everything mentioned as "closing costs" on our contract, is there some other fees that may come up that we should know about??
What would my closing costs be for a 415000 loan refinance?0Kael2012-09-24 01:45:02
property is located in Suffolk County , New York . MedlinePlus I 'm not paying any points. MedlinePlus I 'm not escrowing property taxes or homeowners insurance . MedlinePlus I
My ex-husband wants his name off the home loan, who should pay the closing costs to refi?0muz2012-08-19 05:00:04
My husband and I divorced about a year ago . I've been paying the mortgage on the home loan ( we have funded jointly ) , maintenance fees, property taxes etc through separation and time since our divorce . Stupid enough , we had this " assest " addressed in our divorce decree . He left me and we both just focused on the dissolution of our marriage w / divorce , basically dividing your student loans , my 401k and keeps the vehicle financing through joint ownership. I should have been more proactive through divorce . But now , he wants his name out of the home loan . I can refinance , but I feel I should not incur the resposibility of closing costs ... even 50 %. After a marriage of two years who have divided their debts , student loans , car insurance and allowed to retain a vehicle . I feel I've earned enough to divorce and if you want the loan must be paid closing costs . After all , the reality , if I assume the closing costs to have it removed turns into 4k 13k

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