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Negligent driving for a blown tire?0N-COUNT-COLL 2012-04-29 16:50:25
Last night I was driving home at about 1 am on a straight road lane two when my tire blew . I began to lose control of the car and went into a corner and I hit a fence on the side of someone's property . i was not speeding or under the influence, but since I had a friend behind me in his car , the officer saw automatically thought I was running. said that from what I saw, had to have gone much faster than 35 ( the speed limit ). If I have my friend to testify that I was speeding and lost control due to tire blow me , I'll have a good chance in court?
Negligent driving? Please help! 10 points!!?1Floyd2012-09-22 07:11:02
I am 17, live in alaska and drive a jeep grand cherokee. First off let me say I do not want to heere any lectures telling me my errors and driving etc. I want to know what kind of defense I can use. I was driving on the highway, was fairly empty. A lady who was doing 45 in a 55 was in front of me so i passed her. In passing her I forgot my jeep was only in 2wd. I lost control when re entering my lane and spun. I corrected but hit the ditch and rolled for 75 feet. The jeep was totalled but me and my friend got out unharmed. My friend has been my best friend for 12 years so he had no anger towards me as we have had our share of near death experiences with eachother. No other property was damaged and no body was hurt. The only damage was to my own property. So the cops show up and the ambulance and all that jazz. The troopers came in and asked me about the accident. I told them I was doing65MPH when I passed and lost control. They said that i was very cooperative and really apreciated my honesty and owning up to my mistake. They cited me for negligent driving an dI am required to appear in court on friday. I can;t affor the insurance hike im going to take if the charge is applied and I get 6 points on my license. Any ideas on a defense I coudl use to get the charge dropped or get a lesser charge? help please it is winter obviously and the road conditions were ok but there was some ice on the road. which is what caused my accident.
Negligent Driving charge?? 10 points!!!?0lawren2012-08-15 12:00:02
I was driving on the road was pretty empty . A lady who was doing a 45 55 which is before me, so I passed him . As I passed I forgot my jeep was only in 2WD. I lost control when you log back into my lane and turned . I have corrected , but hit the ditch and rolled 75 feet. The Jeep was totaled , but me and my friend was unharmed. My friend has been my best friend for 12 years so I had no anger towards me , as we have had our share of near-death experiences with eachother. No other property was damaged and not the body injured. The only damage was to my property. So the cops show up and the ambulance and everything. The soldiers came and asked me about the accident. I told them I was when I went doing65MPH and lost control . They said I was very cooperative and very appreciated and owning my honesty for my mistake. I was cited for careless driving dI am obliged to appear in court on Friday. I can , t AFFOR im sure the walk will take if the charge applies and gives me 6 points on your license. Any idea of a defense that coudl use to get the charge dropped or have a lesser charge ? Please help it is winter and , obviously, the road conditions were good, but there was some ice on the road. which is the cause of my accident.
I was injured by a negligent driver and i wasn't covered by the insurance on the car i was driving2DeAr_2012-04-29 18:08:32
I was injured by a negligent driver and I was not covered by insurance in the car he was driving
Can you fix blown speakers?!?1Melon2012-10-09 13:57:02
I am the manager of a resturant and we had a big wedding of 125 people in with a band. The speakers have blown and I am scared to tell my boss the bad news! Can the be repaired? If not do you think that the could be claimed back from the resturant insurance?! Thanks.
Is this negligent entrustment?0Jiare2012-07-28 01:03:00
My son 's father died while on a motorcycle owned by another person. The owner dropped the insurance on the bike. I can not beleive that HSBC would finaced a bicycle on the road without insurance. What really gets me is that half of the help of my son is gone and nobody will be financially responsible ....
I got a blown knee with no medical insurance?0MAKITA2012-10-23 22:46:21
I have tears in my meniscous and acl . I have little spill joitn Chondal some loss in his left knee . Walking down the stairs is a mission , a car down low is also a problem. I feel like an old man. I get mild to severe pain in my left knee every day . Im only 24 years , unfortunately I lost my job at the fast food chain I am currently unemployed and uninsured. One thing that keeps me optimistic in life is sport, it's my passion , but right now I can do , I can do nothing with this bum knee . I can not do quick stop and go, I have horrible in that knee stability . I go to college in the winter . And I really really want to achieve my dream of playing football or baseball in college , I really feel a great disappointment when I never think about my knee , yet I have dreams ... But I can not go beyond the display , since without a healthy knee will not materialize . I will not give up my dream still ... So the question here is , I want to go to a medical center where the operation can help me where I can pay some type of payment plan . Where should I go as a first step ? I was thinking of going to a hospital and ask but I'd rather ask here first! MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Thanks in advance guys on my part, all indications are really appreciated. It sucks that I can only give a " best answer " , but goes beyond that , Yall want help and that's what's important ! :) Thanks again ! - Chris
When is an insurance agent negligent?0Marquel52012-10-09 11:43:52
MedlinePlus An insurance agent was recently in my home to measure my property . We were looking for companies to try? MedlinePlus She opened the door to the backyard to go After she left, she turned to lock the door . My husband came home at 5:30 and let our dog out patches as it has for the past 9 1/2 years, not knowing the door was unlocked. At 5:30 our next door neighbor called and said that our dog had just been run over by a 20:50 car.At died in the emergency room.I do not care about the money , this cost us because it was like a child for us . We are devastated . The blame for this senseless death is eating us . I want to know if this drug is in any way negligent professional . Is there anything we can do to make sure this does not happen to anyone because of their irresponsibility ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus
Negligent Insurance Company?0yengiang2012-08-10 04:52:41
I recently spent more than a provider of health insurance and have run into a problem. I got a call today from a lady of nearly 200 miles away saying that she received my information from medical benefits " Welcome Package " aimed at her. Apparently a policy around the same time and she had not been informed of the policy either. It seems that the insurance company stuffed my things in the wrong envelope . This would not be a problem if the content does not contain basically everything in the world would someone steal my identity (name, address, telephone number , social security number , height , weight , medical history, pre- existing conditions , etc.) . Basically everything except the color of my cat. This not only scare the hell out of me, but it also makes me quite upset and angry. I guess some of this falls into the category of a violation of HIPAA . But what about the apparent neglect of those who filled the envelope with my busy schedule of personal data?
If my fence is blown down, will it be covered under my "windstorm" insurance?1Eugen2012-07-09 09:56:23
If my fence is purged , covering my " storm" insurance ?
Im not ready yet to get a full blown liscence, can I get a permit?0Kieran McCamment2012-06-21 09:49:32
I currently live in Texas, 18 years of age I am , I have the certificate after completing the drivers test online and now I'm free to get a liscence . The problem is that I have thourough experience behind the wheel and instead of getting a full blown liscence I get a temporary liscence allow me to practice more with an older person in the car, before making a behind the wheel test obtain a liscence . Im not ready yet. I have asked and have received many different answers. The Texas DPS sucks so I can not call the DPS pffice directly. Does anyone have a sure answer ?
How do I explain my car getting blown up by robots to my insurance company?0Christina Mader2012-08-14 09:05:02
Seriously . How do you explain that your car is flying robots flown by your auto insurance company ?

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