What do you do if a family is suing your ice cream shop for $10,000? related questions

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What do you do if a family is suing your ice cream shop for $10,000?5Rose2012-09-30 15:19:02
His son ordered an ice cream flavor that was allergic , as the owner of what course of action do you take? The employee did not know he was allergic to it , and only gave it. The $ 10,000 is to cover hospital bills . The family is thinking of going to the newspapers. What course of action is the owner takes ?
Auto body advice please A family uses us for our free estimates! Then they use out estimate at their chop shop?0dog2012-08-04 12:01:02
This family will not share the insurance information because the veh does not belong to them! They have a huge family including cousins. This is not only a waste of our estimators time, its insulting! How do we in a nice/legal way say sorry we cannot write estimates for you, any of you? They never have us complete a repair, they use our estimate and do it themselves at their chop shop...
My boyfriend doesn't have health insurance or life insurance, he works at his family's auto repair shop, which0W I C K E D2012-10-25 08:39:21
under his name. Are there any discounts you can get , what is the best way to go ? What is a goood company and decent price ?
If the auto repair shop burns down with your car in it, how will the shop's insurance respond?0Lorena2012-10-25 09:15:02
I took my car to a workshop , to be reliable , been around for a very long time . There were several fire trucks and 12 were injured , one of them mine . It's been a week and no money, no car, nothing . do I have to hang on and just see how it plays , if your insurance pays for a rental until my car is fixed or decided total? Any insurance people know what is normal for a situation like this ?
Car tow to car shop to get fix, but car shop said my car got broken into and wont fix damages, what can i do?0MANISH2012-07-17 17:04:02
my car broke down, i towed it to small car shop, car owner called me that afternoon he will fix the car for $400 for the broken axel. the next morning car shop owner called me saying my car got broken into, but the thieves were not able to drive away with the car, the key holes and ignition were all busted up, i dont have collision insurance for the car just only 1 side for people accident, i called police and filed a report, who is responsible for my car getting broken into and will the car shop fix the broken parts, car shop owner said he will only fix what the car was brought in to be fix for and wont fix anything else, he also claims if my car was left at any other car shop they will do the same and wont fix the damage done to my car when it got broken into, need help asap john
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Ice Cream Van runs into car what should be done ?7Brent2012-05-20 15:54:17
An ice cream truck driven by an older man in Pakistan , the old log D, ran to the side of the daughters came round point witnesses say their corner.Two fault.He gave two insurers, but insurers the daughter discovered that it was weeks of work for her insured.Three with injurys ,
Rash won't go away, too much hydrocortisone cream?0ahsley2012-08-08 16:15:02
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