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, Is there a difference between a real estate agent and a real estate broker?0Bella2012-04-27 12:03:06
Is there any difference between a realtor and a real estate agent ?
How should an insurance agent compensate a real estate broker that refers business to the insurance agent?1Bhutan2012-08-05 16:28:02
Do I need to share the commission in the insurance business that were not generated any other way?
Can you have recourse on a Real Estate Broker?0Carry2012-09-26 18:41:05
In December we received a letter of pre - approval. To say that we needed a property valuation , risk insurance card , clear title checked . MedlinePlus Then we had a contract for X amount of the loan and that we would close on 30 January 2007, then it was February 8, 2007 , then moved to the 28. MedlinePlus At that time we had to have gas lines tested , ground service , more money Ernest , and absence from work . MedlinePlus Then , on March 8, we realized we had a problem with any credit , and said I could take care of it for us . MedlinePlus And we have not heard from him . We looked at what was supposed to work and had not done anything . We managed to fix it. MedlinePlus Can we do something with it and we can go to another broker ?
What qualities should I look for in a real estate agent?4DonaldLewis2017-09-03 22:56:34
real estate agencies las vegas 
How can i work with a real estate company as an agent?1JOEY2012-11-04 00:08:02
I'm working in the mortgage department of a bank , I have many property buyers , so I work as an agent of a real estate company with a legal cotract . ( As an insurance agent ) . I can ? ?
Can you work as a real estate agent and insurance agent or would that be a conflict of interest?0Ruby2012-05-28 19:35:25
Can you work as a realtor and insurance agent or that would be a conflict of interest?
What kind of insurance/coverage does a real estate agent have?0Karria2012-08-01 04:46:02
If you are employed as a realtor / representaive , what kind of insurance that covers you have personal / as a business ? Since the agents go into the homes of others , I thought it had to be covered in cases of allegations of theft / damage and what not.
Which state is easy and best to become a real estate and health insurance agent?0jahmya2012-07-30 23:11:56
I would like to know which state has easy requirements to become real estate agent and broker. are there any states that doesn't require 1 year agent experience to become broker or something like that. Also, i would like to know which state is easy and best requirements to become health/life insurance agent?
Does a Florida real estate agent need commercial auto insurance0~tundra women~ 2011-12-19 22:45:18
A real estate agent in Florida need commercial auto insurance
Does it make any difference if pay my real estate taxes and my home insurance with my mortgage payment?1Taasha2012-08-02 02:23:52
I wonder how much difference it makes in the interest rate ( if any), if I have to pay my real estate and home insurance.
How do i fill a tax return as a real estate agent but i did not sell property at all last year.?0Presleigh2012-10-20 22:25:16
I spent the money as real estate fees and insurance for my car , gas , food and supplies to open a lot of computer supplies houses.also for flyers and business.
Need e mail address for Real Estate Agent Deneice Gayle Meloy?0asdfasdf2012-09-05 14:24:03
Deneice Meloy was a buyer's agent and worked for Coldwell Banker United Cypresswood in Spring Texas. After removing thousands of dollars of co-workers and her best friend , Gayle Meloy Deneice returned to his home state of Florida for the cantonment town . LE must be located to prevent theft of customers and co-workers . Meloy sells homes the buyer can not pay , but it is approved for . Meloy then agree to share the costs ( if the individual buyer ) , and has been known to put the owner's insurance on your behalf . As you move the volume and increases confidence between buyer and agent , Deneice G. Meloy , the agent, which takes all the money from the homeowner accounts , cancel MedlinePlus home insurance and flee with all assets stolen from Cantonment Florida , where he lives with his sister , Valrie Schneider . Meloy is also wanted for tax evasion and seeks refuge and protected by her sister and other relatives inFlorida .

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