Failure to stop at a red light ticket in Moreno Valley CA, Riverside County. Can I contest it?

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Basically, this Sunday night, I was driving in a local lake park with my girlfriend, and when we went through an empty street and I was about 15 miles (literally, I'm a safe driver) per hour in a designated area mph 25.

I finally went to a 4-way intersection where you stopped (Yes, she really did, and my girlfriend can confirm this) in the signal, and (though honestly did not stop for too long because there was absolutely NO cars or people anywhere to be seen or nearby because not many people in the park and this was in broad daylight in the evening 6 pm) to a young-looking police coming out of nowhere and it lights up to me.

I pause, asks the usual documentation, and I kind of give it to him and ask what was wrong. Although forgot to put my insurance information recently renewed in my glove compartment (I still had my old, expired December 2011), I know that if he were to find me, my information can confirm that I am insured and all whatever. A simple mistake, especially since I have only 18.

Therefore, I have the usual legal information, and while this is my first post, I never had the opportunity to tell my side of the story and made me stop (But not enough, I suppose). He was rude and it seemed that stops me is the only highlight of his day, as the park is pretty much dead and crime is quite low in Lake Perris. He said he did not see me stopping completely, and I would be jeopardizing what he describes as "several innocent citizens who ride their bikes or run across the road CA sponsored and that is protecting and nobody gets hurt not stop long enough caries the risk of injury or death. "

I asked if I can challenge this in court and said, "Hey, I mean ... I can guess, but you can pay for it rather than in court to do whatever he wants." So while I am familiar with driving tickets in general, I do not really know what to do from there.

At this point, I was surprised I could not get even a warning from:

R. No one, save it and we
B. stopped
and C. I did not violate anything or stop any flow of traffic.

Personally, I think it was an unnecessary bill, and I want to play, as it not only gives me an unfair attack on my driving record, but do not really feel that my actions justify paying for a ticket + $ 200.

So I am able to contest this ticket? I'm not trying to knock around any young police or the police in general (My best friend is in the police academy), but I think this particular guy wanted me seems unfair and I want some legal justice. A warning sounds much better for me in this situation.

I would appreciate any advice in this situation, thanks.
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