Driving test in Clinton, Ontario?

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Asked at 2012-04-26 18:45:37
I'm thinking about taking the driving test in Clinton , Ontario , both for my G2 and
G. So if anyone has any experience or knows that the route of Clinton , thank you . Thank you !
Answer1 Answered at 2012-05-02 17:53:46
hey i took my G2 on 24th april in clinton. its the easiest center for me. it was my 2nd attempt and i passed. 1st attempt i went to port union actually it wasnt that bad either my whole test went smooth except the very end when i tried to make a left turn with a car approaching she was lady instructor very nice n polite she was fair at failing me. then i went to clinton on my friend's recommendation.n i thank him for it. my husband took G on the same day n he passed too. i cant exactly tell u the route cos i dont remember. but there is single lane on roads even on highway so no lane changing. they will ask u to make right n left turns like crazy i have made may b 15 to 20 turns in my exam. during exam they will ask u to park ur car remember to notice if its uphill or downhill n turn ur wheels accordingly.there is just one signal. practice it beforehand. there is no speed limit posted except on highway so its 50 remember. they dont have markings for parking so wont ask for reverse parking. but knowing parallel parking is a must. u should know it very well cos they will ask u park on the main road with single lane n if u failed or slow there can b a traffice jam. best of luck
Answer2 Nick Answered at 2012-05-30 09:35:57
Thanks so much, this is helpful. Any more helpful hints would be most appreciated. I am planning to make my 4th attempt for G2 but this time at Clinton (last 3 were at Etobicoke) and very much want to pass this time. More than anything the stress of the thought of the exam is killing. Just want to get over with it! Any help on the test route, turns, signals, parking, examiner strictness would be great..
Answer3 Answered at 2012-06-19 23:00:41


How did your test go?

If you remember the route, could you pl post it?

I have my test at the end of the month, any info is highly appreciated.

Thank you

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