Why do police officers write "Warning citations"? why not just give a verbal warning? related questions

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Why do police officers write "Warning citations"? why not just give a verbal warning?2Flo's in love with Kevin!!!!! 2012-05-08 22:00:57
Why are police officers write " warning citations "? Why not give a verbal warning ?
Police verbal warning?0Jarrad2012-07-03 18:41:02
Tonight I was driving home two old highschool friends from a gathering. It had gotten late (1:30am) and we were in the small town of rockport where police have little to do. I was pulled over for being slightly over the double yellow line and driving 10 miles UNDER the speed limit which was 35. Given the area for all i knew it could easily have been 25. The officer came close to giving me a sobriety test (I was dead sober), but after questioning me, decided to let me go with a "verbal waring," supposedly for crossing the double yellow. Will this forever be on my record? Could it drive up insurance costs? How does this affect me?
Does a warning from a police officer show up on anything?0Ma2012-07-10 23:02:02
Your insurance isn't contacted when you get a warning, right? Does it go on your record? I'm 16 and got pulled over this morning, but the cop gave me a warning. But he took my license and insurence info back to his car for a few minutes. Any funny stories about getting pulled over to make me feel better? :)
Was in a car acccident the police gave this a written warning and wrote?2Chick-Fool-a 2012-05-08 17:08:50
the warning, said he had not admitted UNIT ROW ? What does this mean .. I was making a right turn on a square and it was a way 2lane . I was in the left lane . and when he made a turn that was too broad and his jeep was almost in the outside lane on the left and hit my car to go through
Firefighters, Police Officers, Correctional Officers, Probation Officers, etc: this question is for you?0helppp!2012-07-31 00:02:56
First off, if you're reading this, thank you. I'm going to explain this as clearly as I can. Like MOST people, I have experimented with some drugs, Marijuana(I hated it), and MDMA/Ecstasy which I'll admit to liking, but I never used them regularly just a handful of times for both. I'm 29 years-old. I wanted to go in to civil service from the time that I was in the first grade. Aside from the typical preadolescent dreams of being a professional athlete, I maintained that desire all the way until my senior year in high school when I slipped up, and dropped out. Sometime after high school I discovered an artistic talent, and thoroughly educated myself in it, and decided to put my past failures behind me and move forward. Unfortunately, I made many other mistakes down this road, I butchered my credit because I was irreresponsible, I had a car repo'd due to an accident that I had, in which I had no insurance and thus the car was taken back, and I spent that night in the holding cell for "attemping to flee the scene". That resulted in a "no contest" plea on a MIDEMEANOR "hit and run"(property damage) charge. I got probation (2004). The other guy in the case whom actually hit me, then started to complain of pain a few months later, and I knew it was bogus, but he kept postponing anyhow, and one day I decided not to show up. I spent time in the L.A. County Jail in 2006 for that F.T.A.. I began to see things for what they 'were and weren't' IMMEDIATELY during my 4 days in jail. A year later, my daughter was born in 2007. I earned my GED last month, with all my scores ranging in the top 1%-14% with NO preparation. I applied to L.A. City Fire, just out of curiousity, and to my suprise 6-8 weeks later, I recieved a letter with a test date. Needless to say I wasn't prepared, so I postponed so that I could atleast get my GED. And, I have. .IF I get my record exphunged and clean up my credit, do I have a realistic chance at a job in civil service? The positives: I have an accumulated 4 years of security experience. I know that isn't anything compared to REAL law enforcement, but you do learn about local laws, how to carry yourself, solving altercations, and proper procedure. .No other legal issues. .incorporated my own business in 2007 with the County. .Very good physical shape. .In-depth understanding of psychology/I'm a body language and speech reader. .I'm mentally tough and cool under pressure. .I've learned from MY mistakes. I wasn't taught accountability. I had to live and learn, and I did. I'm willing to do anything. Exphunging my record is next, and I'm looking into getting a Certificate, getting a decent job, and then getting my B.S./B.A. from an accelerated course at a private University. Will that save me, or is it too late?
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Do you have to pay a warning driving ticket?1Thimphu2012-06-05 15:26:50
I was arrested last night by a police officer who was doing routine checks. I am a conductor of N in British Columbia , and I had my liscence me stupidly. He gave me a warning ticket and wrote $ 109 in it and said that's what it would cost , but he told me if I had to pay .. That's the first time I've been arrested, and I'm sure not only the regulations thereunder . Since it was not an actual ticket or citation or anything , I do not think I have to pay .. but I just want to double check.
Got a speeding warning will go to the system?0Anita Gunter2012-06-19 01:48:16
So my friend stopped today and before the commissioner went to her car, she said she would receive a warning and again made the usual paper work she returned with a document just to say overspeed warning to be in the system. but had a driver's license that has a different age of your passport hes planing on changing the system would be all your information would get into trouble ?
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Will I get points on my liscense for a warning?0Chritian2012-06-14 06:28:46
I was arrested today for not coming to a complete stop at a stop sign , the officer gave me a paper and said it was a warning and the paper does not matter. Will I receive points on my liscense ? The first time getting pulled back ?

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