Why did i have an accident that was not my fault (damages$2,900) and i am being asked to pay $75 for tire use? related questions

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Why did i have an accident that was not my fault (damages$2,900) and i am being asked to pay $75 for tire use?1Oscar2012-06-06 12:12:24
I was in an accident and it was not my fault. other drivers insurance paid the damages, but they are saying I have to pay $ 75 for the use of tires before the accident. the tire was damaged and needed to be replaced. If it was not my fault why should I be out any money . they paid the other $ 2,900.00 , why not pay $ 75 for others . I had to get a rental car and was a big inconvienence . nobody else has had to pay for the use of tires ?
While running errand for work, my tire blew out causing an accident. who has to pay for the damages.?3 - Convicting bra. [Mr `Fly 2012-10-10 23:56:02
During the run of errands for work, my tire blew out causing an accident. you have to pay for damages. ?
Company car accident now bring asked for personal damages. ?2Louise2012-05-21 22:46:25
Hello, I was driving a company car for almost 2 years in Ireland . The other driver is wanting money for personal injury. Will I be responsible for paying the insurance company or car work?
What do you do when you are in an accident that was not your fault but the other driver's insurance company won't pay for the damages saying they cannot determine who was at fault4KoKaNeE BaBy 2012-08-07 19:38:03
I hit a truck tire tread on a freeway in so cal. Will the city reimburse me for damages to my car?7bear2012-04-04 20:53:36
It was in 91 . Making the transition to the 241 so I think that the town was Yorba Linda. Maybe Anaheim Hills
I was at-fault in a car accident. is it possible for me to have to pay more than the car value for damages?2Mauric2012-11-01 21:02:02
I have in a car accident yesterday and it was my fault . the man's car is badly damaged . a car is very old ... is possible that I may owe more damage to your car than the actual value of the vehicle? thanks for your help!
I was in a car accident that was not my fault, but I don't have insurance. do I still have to pay for damages?0?2012-07-26 16:19:02
Insurance company said I'm 100% at fault for car accident so i have to pay all damages what can i do?4MSN & Princess,2012-03-23 06:33:13
I was in a car accident and learned that my insurance company I was told that my coverage had expired. They cover the usual accident. I was turning left at the speed limit in the residential area was 25 . going 5 mph I had to go 35 to thorw atleadt my car on the sidewalk. My car is broken and now your insurance company is saying im 100 % at fault and I have to pay all damages. I know im 55-70 percent of the blame and should only be required to pay the percentage of the total. I can not afford that amount and was told by some attorneys to bring him to justice and to work with the judge to get the price reduced? Both inputs are dropped in court and I'm wondering if I should set up a payment plan or take you to court and try to get it reduced ? any help would be great.
Insurance company said I'm 100% at fault for car accident so i have to pay all damages what can i do?1Gabrie2011-12-21 13:46:42
Car accident, insurance 500 liability. Guy at fault wants to pay for damages?0Scole2012-11-05 15:21:10
Keep in mind my boyfriend or his sister and not on my policy. On friday my boyfriend sister was driving my car they were behind a guy and all the sudden this guys decides to stop in the middle of the street to back up in reverse and hits my car they. He states he looked and did not seem them. At that time he stated he didn't have insurance and he was not getting it till the following day and to not report the accident. We didn't believe him so my boyfriend decided to call the police and insurance company. We filled all the necessary things. He called us today to let us know he has insurance now. We know that that is nothing the accident happened before already. He stated to us he needs to "settle this or else his license will be suspended for a year" ( I don't know who called him or who told him this) My insurance on Friday told me you have a 500 dollar liability and we basically I pay up 500 for the damages and they take care of the rest. They stated they will cover it ( I was suprised since they are not on the policy) I told the insurance that the guy had stated he had no insurance and she said ohh no then we are not going to get anything back? So I am super confused. I want to accept this guys money to repair it, but if they want to suspend his license I have nothing to do with that. I think he wants me to notify the insurance hey he is going to pay for it drop charges? but I dont think that is possible. Please advice
At-fault car accident, will my car insurance rate go up if I pay for my own damages?0Enoc2012-03-24 16:54:38
I recently had an accident, and I was to blame. My insurance only covers damages to third parties. Because I have to pay my own damage, will my rates go up yet ?
I was in an accident was not my fault. my whole bumper is messed up.do i get money for damages?6Blaine2012-06-18 20:14:48
my sister 10 years old, was in the car I was scared , obviously. No one was injured. came a third and hit me. I have a nice big hole in my defense and my front bumper now faltering much. police arrived and filled a report of the woman received a fine and a summons that says I have to call the day before to see if he decides to go if I have to go as a witness ...... to happen in New Jersey .... I receive money for damages if so about how much ? ?

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