How late can I drive on a Level 3 License? related questions

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How late can I drive on a Level 3 License?0 night has' dream -2012-04-26 10:44:30
I live in Michigan, and I just received my license to drive incremental Level 3 . How late am legally aloud to drive? I hear it's only until 11 , but I've also heard that it was midnight. So who can clarify this for me?
Im 18 and just got my license how late is their a restriction on how late i can drive? Pennsylvania?0Mignon2012-05-22 10:35:49
I got my license at age 18. Current age is 18. Is their a limit on the evening which can lead to ? Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.
Level 2 Graduated License speeding ticket - Michigan - 5 over, no points. Will I still get my Level 3 License?0hunter2012-08-08 02:17:02
Hello , I just received my first speeding ticket yesterday from a police state here in Michigan. The clock makes me 86 in a 70 on I -94, but collided with him to 75 in a 70. I asked the officer politely if affect my license and I replied that it would not be , nor my insurance , but he wanted his vantage point he had to slow down, so I understand perfectly. My question though is because this offense does not put points on my record , I will still be able to get my license Level 3 as previously scheduled, or I'll have to wait an additional 12 months as described in the manual (very loosely) . Thank you !
Can I drive past 10pm with my level 2 graduated driver license?0modal verb2012-03-18 19:36:32
Get my license in 9 days and the "First in 10 " The law March 29, 2011 is shit. Basically what I'm asking is : Is it easy to obtain by those restrictions for people who already have their license. I know you do not follow it lol
Can I still drive the car with Level 1?0Ehis2012-06-24 14:56:16
I recently got my license in Michigan Level 1 . I do not fully understand the guidelines of restraint. I would take my mom (42) at Walmart, but she does not have a license. However, states that "With a Level 1 License , a teenager may operate a motor vehicle only when accompanied by a parent or legal guardian or other licensed licensed driver 21 years of age or older designated by the parent or legal guardian "could still drive his ?
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Can i use my licence to drive a forklift after passing nvq level 2 in plant operation?0Nydia2012-06-15 20:45:01
approved in 2010 I can use this in other companies
I'm 18 how late can i drive with my permit?0thirds2012-01-20 00:29:51
I live in Florida and I wondered to what end I can drive with my learner's permit
Was late returning old NYS plates, can I drive new car legally?0N-PROPER-COLL 2012-01-31 12:12:06
Here is everything exactly how it happened: Old car bit the dust. He bought a new one from a concession, currently has temporary registration until I got the full game comes into the old car took my insurance . We had the opportunity to return the plates to the DMV for 17 days. ¿ I can drive my car back legally? Waiting for a call from my dealer as to whether my registration has been processed in a timely manner , hopefully prevent any problems. DMV All I will say is that you can not register a car until ... 12/31/2010 only question is, will my new car to do before or after the most likely? Any advice is greatly appreciated and thanks in advance. best land to meet the 10!
I am 16 years old and have a class DJ licence how late can i drive till bc it says restrictions (NONE)?0Vanessa2012-03-01 09:55:22
I think it may be because I took drivers ed.
Permit to Level 3 license?1Bradle2012-05-08 08:17:28
My brother said it happened because he got his license at age 17 , you can not have a Level 2 license , which will go directly to level 3 ( full ) license . Is this true ?
How do I go about getting a Drivers License with a level 4 dui?0Palma2012-03-25 04:12:32
I am a level 4 for DUI and have never had a license before they would start to get them.

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