Is there a certain time that you have to wait after you passed drivers ed to take your permit test? related questions

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Is there a certain time that you have to wait after you passed drivers ed to take your permit test?0Jean2012-04-26 02:19:46
Is there a safe time that you have to wait after passing drivers ed to take your permit test ?
If you fail your permit test the first time, is it true you have to wait 30 days to try again?7Radiky Rick 2018-10-05 09:10:45
I'll take my permit test this week or next week . I live in North Dakota , and was wondering if it is true that if you do not have to wait 30 days to try again? or go to test the next day?
Do you really have to wait 6 months if you don't pass your drivers test the third time?0Candice2012-05-30 19:26:15
my mom told me that some women at the DMV told him that if you fail the test drivers test the third time you have to wait 6 months! what is driving me crazy because I'm taking on my birthday this month and I'll be 17 and have had my permit for the last 6 months and if I have to wait another 6 months I would die alone. I live in California if that matters
I've passed my Drivers Ed test saying I can get my permit?1Geoffre2012-03-07 22:49:31
so I have to take another written exam to get my permission? because he said it was the test to get my permission, so I took it online, and they sent me something in the mail . so I'll get my learner's permit , right? How I can make another written test ? Did you ever have to take another ?
What happens if you fail your drivers permit test the first time?1India2012-07-19 00:32:03
How do I know what time my 6 month wait time starts for my permit?1Trista2012-09-03 20:49:03
Should I start at 6 months from the first time my permission or when I take my lesson from the drivers first?
I passed my driving test today, can i buy a car or do i have to wait for the license?42012-10-15 06:12:01
I passed the driving test today , I can buy a car or do I have to wait for the license?
How many time have you passed your driving test?1Isidor2012-03-12 04:08:46
Over time their fifth andi havent yet is it really bad ( I think I know to answer) , but anyway what about you how many times have you spent ?
Do you have to wait a certain amount of time to retake your driving test?1 my mother. -2012-03-01 02:22:49
I failed my driving test ... Okay I was doing fine until this man brought before me as was my right of way! Even also stopped and said "stop stop" as involving an automatic system for its failure : (She said I could go in and make another appointment and a fee of $ 6 return , but I was so upset I went immediately with my dad . Could go on Monday and take it back ?
Is there a way shorten the length of time to wait to take my driving test?2 She can swim.2012-01-02 22:52:59
In Minnesota, I have to wait 6 months to get my test.but 'd rather have my license in a short time.I am a quick learner and I feel I do not have to wait so long to take my test
I'M LOOKING TO SECURE A CAR FOR THE FIRST TIME .. I just gave MY TEST AT 17 cheaper insurance ?
Isit true in WI if you fail 3 times on your drivers road test you have to retake drivers ed or wait til ur 18?2Isaac2018-10-03 22:48:01
iam 16 I failed my drivers test twice and I keep hearing people who have to retake drivers ed if not 3 times behind my stories are really stupid and even people told me im a good driver but I could not pass, I have not understood and said nothing wedsite so does anyone know for sure or what happened ?

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