How can a 17 year old boy afford insurance on a car? heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelp? related questions

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How can a 17 year old boy afford insurance on a car? heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelp?9Basilia2018-11-03 00:23:54
I just passed my driving test and, frankly, is useless. because I can not afford insurance ? I was thinking of buying this 1992 Mercedes Benz coupe 2 door 3.0 liter petrol with 120k miles on it. the cost of buying the car is 850 pounds, but insurance is of 18000 pounds. 18K that's right ! ! . what in hell is ******* mother ******* people think of insurance. I tried to go for a car of lesser known , I tried it on me being a second driver and father of being a principal. and even appointments are like 10k? What I can do?
Can a 17 year old afford this car(bmw 850i)?0majenta2012-09-25 18:15:04 this is the car i was looking at. i have some money saved up and my parents said they will help me out too. what i want to know is if i can afford the insurance, maintenance etc. of this car? is it even possible for me to get insurance on this car(since its classified as an exotic)? is it a good first car? is it practical to use this as an everyday car? what is the mileage. is it good considering its a v12? help me no rude answers please.
I make a little over 30K a year, can I afford a $300 car note?0electra2012-07-24 01:41:02
My rent is $633 a month. My insurance will be over 150 dollars easy (I'm 21). I spend $50 on Cell and $55 Internet/Cable combined. I've done the math, but I wanted to get some thoughts from the peanut gallery. What do you think? I live alone, but I'm getting a roomie in a few months so that's great. Thoughts? The car is a Toyota Corolla LE 2010 with 30k miles. What say you? Or should I look for another deal?
Bee rental for 2009,What can the farmers afford to pay this year ?0Myra2012-04-28 22:33:18
Would be half the price of fuel right direction has been reduced to half and half nuts are .
If I purchased a new car a year ago that I can't afford can I give it back to the dealership?2qumeria2012-08-10 13:59:02
If I bought a new car a year ago I can not pay what I can return to the dealership ?
Is it right that a 30 year old that can afford health insurance can decide to buy a motorcycle instead and?0Pauline2012-09-20 04:32:02
make us pay for their year in intensive care when it shatters .
Can I afford a home that costs 180k if I make 69k a year?0Help me please :P2012-10-20 03:29:06
Apart from standard utilities I have a car payment and student loan repayment per month , which is about 600 for both. Property taxes and insurance on the house I will be running about 250 a month. Any advice ?
Could a insurance broker afford to pay 12,000 a year on school fees?0kb2012-07-11 18:45:02
I don't know how much they earn. Could a professional insurance broker in charge of 2 offices afford that?
How much money will i have to make a year to afford a $300-350,000 home in South East MI?1Katalina2012-09-03 04:15:04
Does anyone know what kind of income i would have to have to afford this? Also having to pay tax, cars, insurance etc. Thanks.
I purchased a new vehicle 08 suburban not even a year ago.I cannot afford it anymore.What are my options?0Yumiko2012-06-18 16:11:05
¿ I can go back to the dealership ? I know I 'm going to have bad credit , but what I can do?
I have a class A license that has been suspended for a year due to unpaid tickets i couldnt afford . w2do?1Cirelli2012-03-25 05:18:17
How I can fix this with little money and reinstate my license ?
I make 30000 per year and cant afford health insurance, am I screwed under obama care?2iya2012-10-14 23:01:02
I am a single person and make roughly 29-31000 per year (depending on overtimr). My job offers health insurance but I am already living paycheck to paycheck in a high cost of living state (NJ). Am I basically screwed by the yealth care mandate to pay their penalty?

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