Will my refund for canceling my registration wary come in the mail ? related questions

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Will my refund for canceling my registration wary come in the mail ?0Eldrida2012-03-30 02:28:38
I recently purchased a new car again, when I took my old labels back to the MVA they had given me a receipt for a refund $ 64.00 . It is assumed that I have to go somewhere and not receive the money or send it by mail?
Am I entitled to a refund for canceling my auto insurance?0carole2012-07-21 20:08:02
I haave cnacelled my auto insurance (don't have a car ight now) after 6 months of not having a vehicle. Will I get a refund for the insurance money I paid for the past 6 months?
Canceling Car Registration...?2lark2012-03-05 00:18:59
I recently had to get rid of my car because it's not manageable. The problem is that I live in OH, but the plates are PA. Is it necessary to take off and sent to Penn DOT or just let the bank I have my loan to come to pick it up and that will take care of it? I already canceled my insurance because I am currently also (hope ) to get another car . Am I doing the right thing?
Does Florida give a refund for auto tag and registration?1Jessie 2012-07-12 20:45:02
We moved out of state earlier this year. I wonder if there is a refund of the label and the record because it was good until December this year. I purchased and new here in Virginia from February.
Lease ending soon, parents paid for registration, can i get refund?0 spoon screen name -2012-05-14 07:32:51
The rental car ends in May and we will give the car back to the dealership and registration ends in June. My parents accidentally sent the check on the renewal of the license plate until the year 2013 amounting to $ 199. Is there any possible way to get a refund? That is, in California. Thank you !
How do you update your car registration? Do you get something in the mail?8Ryan2012-04-03 19:53:49
How to update the registration of the car? Do you get something in the mail ?
I just renewed my existing car registration 2 weeks ago and I am selling my car? Do I get partial refund or?0 ↘ 〆 altogether ru Bldg relic2012-05-10 19:53:48
I just renewed my car registration existing 2 weeks ago and am selling my car ? Should I get a partial refund or?
My car registration tag stickers melted in the mail?1Jiggle Shopper 2012-04-22 02:12:02
I live in California. I received my bumper sticker through the mail , and when I opened the envelope, which will melt and stick ! What happened? ! I can not find on today, but if I do , what should I do? Should I take to the DMV? If I can not find how I can get duplicates if you 've already paid the registration fee ?
In PA how long does it take for your car title and registration to come in the mail?7Gile2018-11-03 00:28:24
The title was transferred to my name on 3 August and now September 1 , how long it takes for the record label and the new title to come in the mail?
What happens if I stop payment on two checks in the mail to DMV for car registration renewal?2 주로 쓰이는 단어나2012-05-29 11:14:33
I sent the payment to the California DMV by mail for 4 days to renew the registration on my two vehicles. Total control services is in the ballpark of $ 550. Now , I just read that it can not be cited for expired registration until 30 days after the month in which registration is due. Seeing as I'm moving to Colorado this month, would make no sense to have updated the record here in California, and you will have to register both vehicles in Colorado anyway. I definitely do not want to pay double what I would like to record stop payment of checks mailed to the DMV. However, I fear might impose some sort of punishment important to me that force me to pay , put a bad mark on my credit card , or seek some kind of legal action against me . Does anyone know what the worst thing that can happen?
I received my 2012 DVM sticker in the mail after paying for he registration, but today?0Phnom Penh2012-01-03 07:28:32
Weeks later (TODAY ) I received a renewal notice offender and I have to pay late fees ! , Apparently , the letter say that they have to pay for registration. Well, my money is not in my bank account again, so do not know : ( The waiting time is 1 hour -50 minutes to speak with customer service
I registered to vote at my school on the last day of registration but i didn't receive anything in the mail?3'Early spring cover 2012-05-01 09:07:50
I registered to vote at my school on the last day of registration, but have not received anything in the mail?

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