Will an uninsured person that not at fault get in-trouble when ask by a police officer for a insurance card and gave the officer the card that is up to date but not paid to date related questions

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Will an uninsured person that not at fault get in-trouble when ask by a police officer for a insurance card and gave the officer the card that is up to date but not paid to date0grouse2011-12-13 07:49:01
Has anybody gave an expired insurance card accidentilly to officer when you had an up-to-date one?0 spoon screen name -2012-04-25 18:48:05
If so how do you get the ticket reversed
Why did a police officer charge me for not having an insurance card, after I gave him it?0Merli2012-08-21 12:54:02
Tonight was stopped by a police officer in a residential neighborhood , and since it was the first time that had happened , I was a little nervous , not to mention unsure of how to proceed. When asked for my license , registration and insurance , gave him my license and registration , but it really confuses me that my mother had my insurance card ( mistaking my health insurance card that my mother had taken the previous day to pay my doctor) . I wondered why a doctor would have my auto insurance , and then commanded to " try again ." I came really puzzled look down and see my auto insurance card in the plastic on my last log in. I understand , I handed the officer asked if that was correct , and he took up insurance card and left with the three without a word. He returned a few minutes later and handed me a citation for not having my insurance documents . Happy to have done , thanked him and left, but then curious what int he world just happened I called my parents . My mom asked if insurance was up, I said no . She was also confused as to why the officer gave me this to not have my card , even though I did, after some initial confusion , but before we even left the side of my car for the first time . Any idea why they charged me with this?
So I got a tab summons for fare evasion 100 dollar fine but the police officer wrote my court date wrong?1Terry 2012-05-14 15:34:33
They wrote 2 April 10 instead of 2 April 12 this loophole is good enough for me not to pay or appear at the hearing
Police officer wrote on my insurance card. Did he damage my property?1sathvik2012-09-26 21:30:02
He used an ink pen to write down my phone number on the back of my insurance card.
Does Safe Auto's proof of insurance card have time and date of the policy period, or just the date?0isabell2012-07-22 15:17:02
I have a 92 caprice will not emisissions . On the way to leave and get it fixed , I stopped and got a ticket for fictitious plates . The car has been sitting for two years and I had no plates or insurance on it. The ticket was written at 12:30 pm when I got home I called Auto insurance and was insured , and mailed me back saying that the policy effective 1:34 pm 03/31/09 to 09/30/09 at 12:01 . m. . I have a couple of weeks to pay the fine and show proof of insurance and I wonder if the actual hard copy proof of insurance card is only effective dates , no times listed.
Does a drivers license id card show the date the card was issued or the date the license was issued?1E2012-09-16 15:22:03
I have to prove in court that my license was reinstated prior to a deadline and I did , but then I lost the card and I just got a new one, but has not arrived in the mail but when it does go to show up I bought the new date or the date of my license reinstated ?
Can a police officer give you a ticket for insurance when you had insurance and showed your insurance card?1Punker Chick 2012-07-06 14:02:03
He was arrested for no reason. He asked the usual, gave it gladly. When he returned to his car for 10 minutes, returned with a fine for not having insurance . When I asked what he would do this, he said it was a crime redeemable. When I said the last time a cop did this I had to pay $ 1000 + , the loss of my license, and had a warrant for me because coming and going to the DMV took so much time with the paper work . He said he did not care and it was too late, then he returned to his car and left. State of New York at 8:30 AM on Tuesday .
Who is at fault? I was rear ended by a police officer?9peacock2012-10-26 22:54:02
Ok , so I was driving and a police car being rear flashs I thought I was being arrested for any reason, then a few seconds later I was at an intersection where the light was "yellow " and then stops rear ended a police officer myself. hydroplain later told me. night wet poly -lights where no such emrgency in the police report that he and his partner state that I stopped at a "green" . Whose fault is it ? I said faild to pull to the right but not traviling at a safe distance .
What is process of downloading admit card for administrative officer which will be held on 22 feb innational insurance company ltd0Harr2012-02-21 08:13:14
What is the process of downloading admit card administrative officer, to be held on February 22 innational Insurance Company Ltd
Can you fake an insurance card or change the date on the one you have?8Taylor2017-11-21 21:25:43
I just faxed before taking the car insurance.My broke, so let the insurance lapse and I was unemployed.
Could master card Expiration date be extended?2FuNkY mOnEy 2012-07-03 19:33:02
Will my Maestro card will be useless after the expiration date , I can not renew

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