Just sent off application for provisional drivers license so i have a couple of things to ask?

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Asked at 2012-03-28 02:54:58
what is likely to happen in that first lesson ? How to drive a car or more explaining and showing ? I'm always so nervous I also plan to be better with a teacher, but I was told once the male instructors have more patience so that the views on this? I am also a student more (29) for anyone who was older instead of 17 do you think they could cope better than I would have to do at 17 ? questions sorry, but thank you very much for your time
Answer1MurielAnswered at 2012-04-05 14:05:42
Hello I own a driving school myself, but now I pass my driving test until I was 27!

I tried two times when I was 17, but I had a horrible driving instructor was sarcastic and contemptuous and pigs just as in every way. I was not prepared for the test and could not drive to save my life. That failed miserably twice, lost confidence and gave himself for 10 years.

A much more mature age of 27 and this time with a beautiful instructor, driving the patient and supprtive, spent.

Now, a few years down the line, who owns a driving school and pontificate at length about how to drive!

Do not look at the sex of a driving instructor - Look at the person! You can not generalize thinking "women are this or that men are ....".

Both my teachers were men. One was a pig and was wonderful.

I know some female instructors who are horrible. Nasty, sarcastic, Picardy old bags. I know some that are exactly the opposite.

All my teachers are hand-picked to be as little as my driving instructor for the first time as possible ... from my own experience, I know how demoralizing a driving instructor can be impatient and sarcastic, so no one like you get anywhere near my clients or my company name :)

Personal recommendation is the best way to find a good instructor. If you know someone who has learned from an individual, call or when working with a larger school ring and ask the instructor.

Having a lesson with your choice and see if you feel comfortable and at ease with the instructor before committing to a course of lessons. If you are not happy, find someone who suits you best!

What is done in the first lesson which varies from instructor to instructor, but most decent trainers, get the inevitable "talk" with little more as soon as possible and he starts driving. You will have to explain things, but talks too much becomes very boring and stop taking in what is said after a while anyway, so you better go ahead and "do" instead of the cookie. At least the controls will be explained and security controls, then you will learn to move and stop the car. If time permits, and you are coping well, can pass some "real" in ways appropriate driving alone. A good instructor will come to your pace and not rush or hinder their progress in learning
Good luck with learning to drive :)

Some tips on finding a driving instructor on the link below;

Answer2NeilAnswered at 2012-04-15 23:31:24
Its basically learning how the controls work.

I had a go at my first lesson , just a little clutch control .

Answer3Curry cat Answered at 2012-04-18 08:42:35
Well Im 19 and started to learn this year.
I have a male instructor it is very easy to get along with and very patient.
In my first lesson that we went to a remote sat for 45 minutes of learning what is what in the car, the clutch control, etc
Then, during the last 15 minutes it took me about 10 meters in a time of stopping and starting .
Depending on how fast the capture time is determined before driving round the city.
Im very good deal , I do not think it matters what age, is just putting on the enthusiasm and time.
What I peobably urinate out most of the other drivers is until a * s , and moves like a slug, because you have to obide by speed limits .
After lessons you nervous first phase will pass.
Good luck X
Answer4HermosaAnswered at 2012-04-25 05:45:47
Sorry, I know I have 38 years and still can not drive.I 'm too nervous to learn.

Good luck I'm sure yours will pass in no time at all. Soon be wondering what car should I buy?
Answer5Demonlord Answered at 2012-05-05 10:04:36
You can imagine that , as a trainer of men , I was a bit cheesed to hear about other male instructors who make the students feel uncomfortable - that allows the rest of us down. Anyway, the sex of your instructor there should be no difference - is the quality of instruction counts and there are plenty of very good and plenty of very bad
instructors .
If you do not like yours, change - for any reason
If the instructor is good , he / she adapt their classes (including the first) to suit you and your preferences . Some students do not drive at all in his first lesson , an album a bit - it varies from person to person. The most important thing is not to judge your progress against others - each one is different
The others are right - the instructor will start by taking a part with little traffic and start teaching the controls - from then on , it is likely to make a simple move away and stop. It's simple and there is absolutely nothing to be nervous. Just relax and have fun.

Good luck :-)
Answer6 [51 name-51mingzi] I'mcc æ—³ Male Jiu Answered at 2012-05-09 08:32:05
Hiya , in his first lesson will youup and bring it to a quiet area. Then I will ask how much you understand about driving and how the car actually works. that will give a brief explanation of the clutch , how it works and what its for . explain about the mirrors, where to look and when, etc.

Will change seats with you so your in the driver's seat and get a feel for it. Then I will explain step by step how to do it and let you have a go.

Basically that's all you get through your first lesson , yes most ofit will talk , but it is important to be able tounderstand what you're doing instead of just being able to do so.

When you have mastered starting, advance along the quiet road driving , turning right first and then move to left turns , and pulling downhill and uphill.

Stick with it! And good luck !

I tried a female instructor and found that it made ​​me feel uncomfortable and I felt much more relaxed, with a male instructor , who was concerned that a man would be a bit perverted lol but ok
Answer7mallardAnswered at 2012-05-14 11:19:15
We are a driving class theory ..

that can and will lead in Lesson 1 . but you will not be able to pass a test until you pass your theory.

Answer8AKAnswered at 2012-08-19 04:19:29
They took me to a deserted street and basically did a bit of moving about 10 mph! It was a little scary , but if the instructor is good to answer is how and conduct the lesson accordingly. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I have a male driver at first, but he was much more interested in flirting with me and teach me not to drive as soon switched to a woman . She was fabulous ! It seemed impatient at all, just with it very well , was very focused and committed to 100 % gettingme happen! MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Your car insurance will be cheaper in 29 !
Answer9DolcezAnswered at 2012-09-16 14:45:03
.... A VW Beetle
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