Do you have to be a Florida resident to get a Florida drivers license? related questions

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Do you have to be a Florida resident to get a Florida drivers license?2Furter 2012-06-13 14:37:31
I want to get a driving license in Florida, but I live in Maryland. What I have to be a resident of one? I have a house in Florida I just do not live there. if I had to change my residence , how I can do that thanks !
I am a duel resident i have a florida drivers license and ohio plates is that illeagle?0Alice2012-06-15 16:03:53
I am a resident of mourning that has a drivers license in Florida, but I have Ohio plates is illeagle
I'm a Florida college student and Iowa Resident. How should I register a vehicle bought in Florida?0kite2012-02-24 20:16:39
I prefer the bike shop here in Florida that was registered in Iowa . If you end up being easier to register in Florida instead of Iowa , how should I do ?
Can I have a Florida drivers license and still keep my car registered in NY and drive it in Florida?2combining form 예2012-05-20 12:54:03
He was to pay for insurance in New York because it is cheaper than Florida and if I stopped I would say my parents car as he has the same name as me.
If I have a drivers permit from Florida do I have to have ID, SS, Passport etc to get license in Florida?0Chapman2012-01-02 13:08:45
I have a drivers license in Florida and I have an appointment to take the driving test for license. Do I have to take the test address , SS, ID card etc. I had to do for my drivers license or I can take the driving test and get my license without proving that you have these documents over and over again? Thank you ! Also, does it matter that I have the car registration to my name and insurance on behalf of another person - they told me to take the test car had to prove you had insurance and registration
Do i need to be a Florida resident to have Florida auto insurance?0justjen932012-07-30 05:46:57
I live in MA but go to college in FL and im looking to buy a car and tag it in FL. Do i need to be a florida resident to get florida auto insurance?
If you come into florida with six points on drivers license,can you still recieve a florida license?0Domain Name ン 2011-12-30 06:52:18
If you go in Florida with six points in the driver's license , can still receive a Florida license ?
If I move out of Florida, how long can I keep my existing Florida tags, driver's license, and car insurance?6jk!! iLUV HER ACTULLY!!! 2012-06-13 20:00:32
The reason we need to know is the company that currently work for might be moving our office out of Florida , which means you have to move and to license all new driver , tags , and car insurance the state I just moved into . I heard that most states do not allow any time for this transition and the time to reach this new state, you need to get everything transferred immediately. But I've also heard that Florida allows 10 days for new residents to make these transfers, but this only applies to people moving here or does that also apply to people moving away from here too?
Hey i just moved from florida to new york can i get nys car insurance with florida license till i transfer it?0yumei2012-11-01 23:44:52
If a person buys a car in Florida for someone living in Indiana do they have to have Florida license plates?2Mil2012-08-07 05:21:02
This car was purchased in New York from Florida over the phone of a person in Indiana. Had to be done that way because the person needs a car, and your credit was bad. What can you do to keep the plate , insurance paid in Indiana?
In florida, if I got a texas license and want to change it to a florida one, do I have to retake the exam?1Adolp2012-02-14 02:18:50
In Florida, if I have a Texas license and want to switch to a florida one, I have to repeat the test?
Do I need a Florida Insurance adjuster license as well if in Florida?0I only care about you2012-05-12 18:28:54
Do I need a licensed insurance adjuster in Florida , so if in Florida?

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