Is it better to swap license plates on my summer car to my winter car or is it better to just get new plates? related questions

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Is it better to swap license plates on my summer car to my winter car or is it better to just get new plates?1 가산명사 2012-04-09 22:32:48
This summer I bought a 94 Z28 that never seen a winter. I just bought a winter beater yesteray (91 Lesabre ) and want to get on the raod as soon as possible . Which is better ?
Just bought a car with ohio license plates ... How much would it cost to change them to california plates?0The Dark Network 2012-04-29 20:03:42
Just buy a car with Ohio plates ... How much does it cost to change plates california ?
Car was repossed and plates went missing, now DMV suspended my license because plates were not returned.?0shamorty 2012-05-10 09:45:24
My girlfriend and I had a car together, the registration was under my name. In 2010 we separated and she had the car and the plates REPOSSED disappeared. When I went to DMV to renew my license was suspended because the plates were not returned. I went to the police station for a report of the board of lack of DMV, but I said it's too old (2010) it happened. Now what should I do ?
How much does it cost to transfer wa state license plates to California plates?0Amanda2012-06-17 04:06:44
What does it cost to transfer license plates wa state tuition in California?
I bought a car from a guy i used to work with he took the plates from license plates from me?9Hyma2012-09-22 18:29:02
Is it OK to do two ? Wut if I get pulled over for driving without plates ? I live in Kansas City, Missouri, where I can go to get the car in my name and get plates ? ? ! It is the first car purchase taxes and I do not want the unit stop cuz i can cuz i cannot get a car insurance without license plates there are two entries for that .. Wut do I do ?
Cost of michigans license plates???!!!!! customized license plates?0eagle2012-02-13 14:45:06
Personalized license plates , how much they cost
How do I terminate my car insurance? Will I get fined? Can I stop a policy for a winter vehicle during summer?0YOHAN2012-08-01 23:12:54
Is part-time insurance available for example can you insure one in the summer and another in the winter or possibly one at all times and the other only for emergencies1Jack2012-04-03 23:13:21
It is part-time insurance available, for example, can ensure in summer and winter , or possibly one at all times and the other only for emergencies
Why are the number plates on the front of cars white and the rear plates are yellow?8SOY LOCO 2012-06-28 04:36:02
Why are the plates on the front of the white cars and rear plates are yellow ?
I was pulled over in indiana after i switched plates on my car with a dirrerent car. i now have correct plates6Teresa2012-03-11 22:47:30
Just want to know what will happen in court
Im buying a car with private plates..the owner wants to keep the plates.....who has to re-plate it???? and at?16 접속사 2012-07-10 08:19:02
The present owner is selling the car, but want to keep private their dishes .... I'm buying the car tomorrow and told me that you want to put your dishes in another car ... Where am I? and how I can get plates for the car.
Are regular lincense plates cheaper then commercial plates?3Leopoldina2012-02-23 11:14:17
Lincense regular plates are cheaper than commercial plates ?

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